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Letters To The Editor, 8th May 2017

Letters To The Editor, 8th May 2017
Pio Tikoduadua
May 08
10:45 2017


Tikoduadua’s Integrity

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Our Voreqe Bainimarama-led FijiFirst Gov­ernment have indiscriminately done what no other Fijian Government has given this coun­try post independence including whatever little Pio Tikoduadua had contributed during his term as an Officer of the RFMF, a senior Public Servant from 2006 and finally as Per­manent Secretary to Prime Minister Baini­marama.

In 2014, Mr Tikoduadua resigned from the civil service and became a FijiFirst party can­didate where he declared his interest to pur­sue his political ambition and serve our Fijian people.

He succeeded and became a Cabinet Minister and Government Whip after the September 2014 general election.

He served with great loyalty and was instru­mental, influential and was part of our Gov­ernment’s policy-making processes.

He resigned in 2016 citing cancer and other health related issues as his reason to exit, but interestingly he keeps contradicting himself now after he had decided to re-enter politics by joining the National Federation Party.

Mr Tikoduadua is reported in the media and I quote; “I joined the NFP to ensure a brighter future of my children and for the country”. He further said: “I am taking the risk to cop the bullet not for anyone else but for his son and daughter”.

This is a non inclusive discriminating state­ment that describes his personality very well.

This man may have been serving his own personal interest during his term as a career civil servant and former Cabinet Minister in our FijiFirst Government.

He also added in his interview that his moti­vation was derived from the fact that he does not want his children to go through worse. Can he explain what that means?

I would like to put forward this question to Tikoduadua, why did you enter politics on a FijiFirst party ticket in the first place?

Was it not this Government and its lead­ership that stood by you and your family through thick and thin?



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