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Actress: Fijians Are Warmest People

Actress: Fijians Are Warmest People
May 11
11:00 2017

Jessica Lowe, the American actress you would recognise in the 2014 American romantic comedy film Blended, says Fijians are the ‘warmest’ people she’s met.

“I found the people here to be the most genuinely warm people that I ever, ever encountered,” she said.

Ms Lowe is part of a TV series production which is filming Wrecked, the parody of the 2004 series Lost, which is currently filming its second season in the country.

“Everyone we have met are kind and lovely,” she said.

On Tuesday, the crew and cast donated $10,000 to Treasure Home in Nadi.

Ninth Floor Fiji Productions LLC production manager, Nic Legget said: “We just thought it was a very nice idea to give back to the community.

“It was a good opportunity to show our thank you for having Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS) and the rest of the casting crew being part of this.”

Mr Legget says about 180 crew members have been working and shooting scenes here for the past 10 weeks.

They are into their final week and are set to complete their production on Saturday, he said.

“It’s been amazing experience and a nice opportunity and an amazing experience. This is the first opportunity that we had got my crew with my cast having a day off to be able to come and spend some time with the orphanage.”

The TV series is set to premiere its second season next month in the United States.

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