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Letters To The Editor, 11th May 2017

Letters To The Editor, 11th May 2017
Joe Singh
May 11
10:25 2017

A Cleaner Fiji

Shameera Shaheed,


As a Fijian citizen and driver, I believe it is essential for me to highlight the irresponsible and negligent behaviour of a handful of drivers whom I have witnessed throwing rubbish out of their moving vehicles.

As citizens of this beautiful island country, it should be one of our highest priorities to be considerate of the image we want to depict of our homeland.

It is disheartening to note that drivers and passengers are contributing towards the rubbish found along roadside and village areas, mainly between the Suva to Nadi route.

Is it that difficult for people seated in a vehicle to hold onto their rubbish and properly dispose it at home?

To all travelers, please keep a bag specifically for disposing your rubbish, during long trips. And keep them in your vehicles.

Already, littering is a very pressing and concerning issue.

Actions like these from citizens will make our beautiful home damaged and ugly. I urge the drivers and passengers to please be much more considerate towards the environment and not use the roadside for dumping rubbish.

Let’s show our national pride. Let’s work together to keeping our country clean


Change starts now

Kirti Patel,


We take for granted far too many things.Who would have expected the cyclone being formed and rearing its ugly head towards Fiji at this time of year?

This is not the period for cyclones to pay us a visit.

Who said climate change does not affect us? Who said raising concerns and working towards it was a total waste of time? It is right here!

But before it reaches the point of no return, it isn’t too late to change our mindset.

Let’s prepare ourselves for the worst. Of course we will be blessed if the cyclone does not hit us.

Who would have thought that Winston could have returned?

Let’s be vigilant and not wait till it’s too late. Procrastination in this case can cost us a huge deal.

Yes just cyclone warning might be no big deal but certain things should never be underestimated and a cyclone approaching is never one of them.

Prayers have a lot of power. Pray no matter what. Sometimes we still have to go through the worst and even prayers can minimise the effect at least.

Please do not forget your pets and animals. Check your homes and tie up the loose ends.


Politics entertainment

Peter Baleiwai,

Brisbane, Australia

I only want to say that politics in the guise of democracy is more like entertainment than what people think it to be.

I say this because I liken it to watching the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) where the wrestlers are fierce in the ring, but friends outside it.

Their common denominator is making a profit after a match in the form of entertainment.

Unfortunately, that is what democracy is all about today. The real winners are those who control the system behind the curtains.

The hidden hands or the puppet masters as they are called. They own the players and we the people are the ones who are paying for the show provided by these group of people.

I pray and hope that we wake up from our slumber and hypnotic trance and re-create the true concept of democracy which is a government by the people and for the people.


Isa Joe

Dhirendra Prasad,


It is really sad to hear that our favourite soccer announcer, Joe Singh, whom we used to listen to from childhood, is no longer with us.

We remember his commentary during those days especially through transistor radio energised by penlight batteries. It is still ringing in our ears. If there was anyone who could replace Graham Eden it could only be Mr Singh.

It was commentary at its best where the game was relayed to us in the remote areas of Labasa then as it happened.

We could see through his description of the game. Boy! I learnt what a Waidina banana is with the curve of his accent and intonation.

You made us feel part of the game even though we were miles away. We visualised through his voice and the precision of action description.

God bless his soul. You will be missed.


New mill

Narayan Reddy,


So the Fiji Sugar Corporation chief executive officer, Graham Clark, told the people of Rakiraki that it plans to build a new mill in three years’ time. According to records FSC has been making losses year in and year out. Can the CEO inform the people where the money will be coming from?


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