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Letter Of The Week Winner

Letter Of The Week Winner
And The winner Is
May 15
11:00 2017

A Cleaner Fiji

Shameera Shaheed, suva

As a Fijian citizen and driver, I believe it is essential for me to highlight the irresponsible and negligent behaviour of a handful of drivers whom I have witnessed throwing rubbish out of their moving vehicles.

As citizens of this beautiful island country, it should be one of our highest priorities to be considerate of the image we want to depict of our homeland.

It is disheartening to note that drivers and passengers are contributing towards the rubbish found along roadside and village areas, mainly between the Suva to Nadi route.

Is it that difficult for people seated in a vehicle to hold onto their rubbish and properly dispose it at home?

To all travellers, please keep a bag specifically for disposing your rubbish, during long trips. And keep them in your vehicles.

Already, littering is a very pressing and concerning issue.

Actions like these from citizens will make our beautiful home damaged and ugly. I urge the drivers and passengers to please be much more considerate towards the environment and not use the roadside for dumping rubbish.

Let’s show our national pride. Let’s work together to keeping our country clean.


Shameera Shaheed will receive a Parker pen as our letter of the week winner.

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