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Letters To The Editor, 16th June 2017

Letters To The Editor, 16th June 2017
A street beggar carries her child as she begs at a bus station area in Jammu, India, Friday, April 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Channi Anand)
June 16
09:56 2017

Bainimarama vs Rabuka

Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori

After Sitiveni Rabuka made his coups in 1987, he stated that he did it for the iTaukei people. In the years that followed;

Fiji’s economy was brought down to its knees.

A racist constitution was implemented

He made Fiji a Republic and severed our ties with the British Monarchy

He introduced the Sunday ban degrading our economy further.

Many iTaukei students with lower marks got scholarships and failed while non-iTaukei students with higher marks but without scholarships graduated at USP.

Our National Bank became Santa Clause’s bank dishing out huge amounts of money in loans to those who cannot repay leading to its collapse.

The GCC and the Methodist Church became very influential in most Government decisions they have no qualification in.

Fijians of Indian descent were openly discriminated against and they started to leave our shores in huge numbers causing a huge brain-drain.

The members of the Fiji Military Forces who supported Rabuka’s two coups were forgotten and continue to suffer unjust salaries implemented from the Ratu Mara era.

Infrastructure and development in the nation suffered and we were heading for total economic collapse.

Sensing what was coming and after a few back-stabs from both the church and the GCC, Rabuka abandoned his extreme pro-iTaukei beliefs and brought NFP leader Jai Ram Reddy to address the GCC. Still hyped with extreme racism, the GCC was not convinced.

Reddy and Rabuka formed a coalition in the next election and lost.

Today with Bainimarama as Prime Minister:

He put his life on the line and survived two assassination attempts while fighting for national unity and fairness for all.

He stood his ground against 8 years of “Western” criticisms and sanctions.

He increased iTaukei land from 87.3% to over 91% and ensured in the 2013 Constitution that it cannot be lost from the iTaukei forever.

He enabled iTaukei people to receive a share of the benefits from minerals mined from their land for the first time in over a hundred years.

He made all citizens come under a common name, Fijians.

He boosted our economy to a record high in his first three years after sanctions.

Provided free education to all year 1 to 13 students and easy access to tertiary studies for all. Special privileges and assistance have been given to the elderly and the unfortunate.

Development sprung up everywhere.

Though we are a tiny dot in the ocean, because of our progress, the whole world has recognised us and gave us the leadership role of the Group of 77 nations (G77), Presidency of the United Nations General Assembly and now Presidency of the 23rdConference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP 23). No Fijian or Fijian Government has achieved any of these.

My late father used to tell me that it is much easier to destroy things than to build them.

Let’s give credit to where credit is due and support the Government in its endeavours to build a sound foundation for our future generations.


Give Blankets to cover the cold

Arien Vikash Kuma,  Nadi

Even though we stay behind the comfort of our homes with the walls and a roof protecting us, we still can see people talking about the cold and the cold nights.

Maybe we are too self-centred that we have forgotten about the ‘poor and homeless’ who spend their nights out on the streets, on corridors or bus stands.

If one wants to know how cold last night was, the best persons to ask are the ones sleeping on the streets.

But who will ask and hear from them about their cold nights on the streets without a blanket?

Are they themselves to be blamed for what they are and where they are today or are we the citizens, their families, our leaders or our Government responsible for them?

How can we solve this issue once and for all without blaming the Government or God for all this?

I was inspired while watching a Hindi movie where some political leaders were giving blankets to the poor and homeless on the streets.

Although the leaders’ intentions were political, the blankets received by the homeless proved to be very valuable once winter came.

Which begs the question why can’t we or our leaders do something similar for the homeless during this cold season?

Let’s put it this way:

The cold is here, election is near, and to be in the race it’s time to change the gear

Enough of the promises, just give a blanket now, cover the cold today and get a vote tomorrow.

This could become a very strategic political campaign.

Give out the right thing to the right people at the right time rather than giving to those you know but don’t deserve it.



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