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Take a Break, Construction Companies Urged

Take a Break, Construction Companies Urged
Tengy Cement Factory in Lami on June 15,2017. Photo: Monica Aguilar.
June 16
11:40 2017

Construction companies have been urged to allow their workers to take a vacation of two to three weeks, an industry leader said yesterday.

This is in order to weather out the current cement crisis.

But Fiji Master Builders Association president and Raghwan Construction Limited director Vijay Raghwan remained optimistic that employees need not be laid off.

“I do not think any sensible or reputable company would do that,” he said.

He said cement shortage was also experienced five to six years ago with Pacific Cement Limited also in the spotlight. The company was given the right to ship cement from New Zealand.

“The difference with this year’s situation was that the public was not advised beforehand nor were there measures placed in advance for companies to follow to overcome the situation.

“It is one of those things that do not happen every day. But had they given us some warning, we would have started piling up our cement.

“It has created a major problem to the industry and it will continue for a while.”

But it is not the end of the building industry, Mr Raghwan said.

On average, a building contractor uses about 3000 tonnes of cement in a month.

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