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Success Is A Choice

Success Is A Choice
Mark Wager
June 17
11:00 2017

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I was in Fiji last week and amongst the wonderful people I met,

I had the good fortune of spending time with James Sowane, the Managing Director of Pacific Destinations and his team.

During our conversations, he recalled a time when he was younger when he shared with someone his dream of owning his own successful Fijian company.

The person laughed in his face believing that James’s dream was unrealistic. Little did he know that years later,

James along with his wife Lala made the dream a reality and today Pacific Destinations is a vibrant successful 100% Fijian owned company.

Listening to his story reminded me a lot of similar stories that I’ve heard from other successful businessman in different companies and different countries but all overcoming the odds to succeed in a competitive world of business and after meeting so many of these people I believe I’ve finally discovered their secret.

The secret of success in business.

I believe that the secret of success is something that many people will disagree with but I genuinely believe it with all my heart and my resolution strengthens with each successful businessman and businesswoman I meet.


The secret

The secret of success is that success is a choice.

When a person becomes highly successful you tend to see people react in one of two ways towards them.

They either highly praise or diminish their achievements.

People can often dismiss success of others down to luck or circumstances and while luck plays an important part in all of our life’s journeys, there’s no doubt that in my experience a person’s luck tends to increase in proportion to how hard they work.

The opposite reaction is that a successful person is praised so highly that they are considered a truly unique and special person who was always destined to achieve success and again I believe this is wrong.

I have met many successful people and all of them without exception had flaws and had weaknesses they were working on and they had the same kind of self doubt that exist in all of us.

In my experience they were indeed very ordinary people but the difference was that at one time or in some cases these ordinary people made extraordinary decisions not to quit if they believed in something.


Chase your dreams

They ignored the doubts that others had projected upon them and they decided that they wanted to chase their own dream.

It is difficult to accept that success is down to ordinary people making an extraordinary choice.

There is something quite unsettling about it and it makes us realise that we are all capable of achieving far more than we currently are and the limits of our potential go far into the distance.

It is easier to accept that what we have is normal and anything more is reliant purely on luck or nature bestowing us with special gifts but that thinking would be wrong.


Look at barriers as a challenge

While some of us see a barrier or rejection as a reason to quit, others see the same situation as a challenge and a reason to work harder.

Its these people that end up creating businesses that continue to thrive.

People often mistake that the path to success is a straight curve with one milestone leading directly to another in ascending order but in reality the pathway to success is more like the landscape of a mountain some parts of the journey will go up and others go sideways and some even go down before they go up again until the path reaches the top of the mountain.


Success is difficult

If it wasn’t then we wouldn’t call successful people successful we would call them average.

You need to have the strength to get through those difficult parts of your journey, the parts when people laugh in your face and doubt you can achieve anything, you need the faith to continue when your path seems to be taking you away from your goal rather than towards it and you need the courage to believe that it’s better to live a life as someone who has tried to reach their dream and failed rather than someone who never tried at all.

If you can embrace this mentality then you will fully realise that the secret of success is the choice you make. You can chose to succeed in life or you can chose not to try.


True legacy is based on impact towards future businessmen

Another thing that I recognised when I spoke to James is that like several other successful people who have chased their dreams, they are not fully aware of their true legacy.

Its not the business they will eventually pass on or the impact their work has had on the economy and their workforce, their true legacy is that in the future of other people, many of whom have not even started their own business journey will look at James and Lala at Pacific Destinations and see what is possible.

If they can see others turn a dream into a reality despite the obstacles against them, then they will believe they can do the same and even when others laugh in their faces when they share their dream they will know what is truly possible if they make that extraordinary decision not to quit.



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