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Lewamotu Sells Home Made Products

Lewamotu  Sells Home Made  Products
June 30
11:44 2017

As you walk through Suva market most may not realise the block of sales towards the very end of the market, where you will find cheerful smiles beside long stacks of pandanus caricosus rolled leaves, ‘rolled voivoi’, coconut products and handmade goods on display for sale.

Fiji Sun spotted 44-year-old Akesa Lewamotu, who enthusiastically introduced her coconut homemade products and sets of ‘voivoi’ rolls on sale.

“I started selling here at the market in 2012 from selling coconuts, when years went by I switched to pandanus leaves to sell voivoi” said Lewamotu.

She works in partnership with her sister Ruci Camaimoala who lives in Nakodu village in Koro.

Ms Camaimoala sends their products of virgin oil, virgin soup, honey, voivoi leaves and black and white rolls of voivoi, from the village.

She said her sister was responsible for the production and she was selling

“My sister loads the stock that I need together with virgin oil, virgin soap and honey,” she said.

She said they also had a pandanus farm at the village.

On a good day Ms Lewamotu earns up to $100 but on a slack day’s sale she can only get $30-$45 dollars.

“I sell my virgin oil at different prices according to their sizes , 250 ml is for $7.00, 500ml – $15, 750ml- $20, 1 litre -$30 and my stock of voivoi is $12 ,voivoi rolls are going from $20 to $50 varying on its sizes.”

She said her regular customers were ladies from FamLink Pacific who regularly called her up for orders on her virgin oil, virgin soup and honey.

She also has familiar customers that stop in on a week to week basis to buy her products.

“I feel very satisfied at the end of the day after I sell especially on a good day as this is my only source of income.”

Ms Lewamotu said her business had also been successful because of her sister’s support from the village and the family of vendors around her at the market who were there to help financially during poor sales.

“This is my only source of income, I don’t have any kids but I look after and support my sister’s five kids who stay here with me in Suva.”

She said one good thing about being a market vendor, was that she was part of one big happy family at the market.

“If I don’t have something that I need I can turn to my neighbour and ask for help.”

Her love for her business she said had always been the importance of using coconuts as it was abundant in supply and never put to waste.

“I always tell people that coconuts are good products because you can make a lot of money from it.”

She encouraged all women, single mothers especially who have the skill or talent to cultivate from different resources to use it to their advantage to earn money.

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