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Letters to the Editor, 4th July, 2017

Letters to the Editor, 4th July, 2017
July 04
10:24 2017

Budget proves to be fair!

Herleen Emily, Nadi

As the entire nation was glued to the television last Thursday to witness the 2017–18 National Budget announcement, it didn’t disappoint any Fijian.

The 2017–18 National Budget proved to be transparent and worthy for the people of Fiji.

The future looks secured for all Fijians.

I am grateful to the Government for increasing the student scholarship allowances and establishing more opportunities for the youths of our nation.

It is vital that we analyse the new Budget with positivity and then, make a conclusion out of it. The vision is clear for Fiji and we must work together to fully benefit from what the Budget offers us as individuals and as a nation.

This Budget has covered all areas of need and I am thankful to the Government for the underlying care and consideration one sees in the 2017-18 Budget.

Wage increase

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Is it true that the new salary increment for civil servants came with strings attached? I heard the string is a very strong one!

Tax on interest

Sukha Singh, Labasa

If people earning up to $30,000 will be be exempted from paying any tax than the same thing should be applied to interest earned on bank deposits up to $30,000.

If interest earned is taxed why is FNPF interest tax exempt? Anyway the Minster for Finance has be thanked for this particular tax exemption.

Hard to please everyone

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Obviously there are pros and cons to the new Budget (2017–2018).

It has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are happy and some are winching over it. It’s very hard to please everyone.

The civil servants responsible for making budgetary allocations must have done their share of research on it.

Time will tell how much of the Budget is actually working and how much is not. Such is the budget that is announced every year, which is met with mixed reactions.

I am happy for the increase in the price of alcohol and cigarettes. Hopefully we can see a declining trend in their consumption and related problems.

With all these reactions another year will roll over and soon there will be time for another budget to roll in.

Let’s accept the 2017-2018 Budget and see how it turns out. It is impossible to please everyone.

Boxing credibility

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Pacquiao may have “lost” the fight but it’s Boxing that has lost its credibility. As for the first round knockout in Nadi on Friday night, that has lost the plot.

Historic note

Pramesh Naidu, Nadi

The seven dollar note to commemorate our gold medal win at the Rio Olympic Games is out.

Our population as a country is approaching the million mark and there were more than a million $7 notes produced.

Yet the irony in it is that I have come across receiving the note as a change only once since its release.

I believe there should have been more $7 notes printed because once people receive the note they keep it at home as an invaluable object of commemoration.

The Rio gold is a milestone achievement. Once I get the second seven dollar note I will keep it as a souvenir for my children.



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