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Commitment, Support Wins Bride’s Heart

Commitment, Support Wins Bride’s Heart
Fiji Sun senior journalist Arishma Devi-Narayan with husband Antariksh Narayan on their wedding day.
July 06
23:43 2017

Being positive and committed was all it took for Arishma Devi-Narayan and Antariksh Narayan’s relationship to blossom.

The couple met at a family member’s house in 2011 and since then they have not looked back.

Today they are living out their happily ever after.

“By the end of 2011 he proposed to me. I never saw it coming, but it was a blessing.

“It was like a fairy tale,” Mrs Narayan said.

“Of course his charming personality attracted me, but more than that he was a very supportive boyfriend, fiancé and now a husband.

“A family man gets along with everyone well and he taught me how to enjoy life the way it was.

“We got legally married in 2013 after which I flew off to India to study mass media.”

She is thankful for the invention of technology which she has used to be able to communicate with her husband daily, while in India.

“We had daily communication. There was a six and half hour difference of time and accordingly we used to talk. We never slept without talking to each other.

“Also whatever we did we use to keep messaging via Viber and wherever I went he was willing for video calls to enjoy watching places and new things I showed him.

“Even during hectic crowded train rides he loved witnessing our struggles through the video call.”

Her advise to those with long distance relationships is: “Respect your relationship, every relationship has promises and goals it is built on, stick to that.

“Communication is the key to long distance relationships. Distance indeed makes hearts grow fonder.”

Mrs Narayan, a senior journalist at the Fiji Sun, said her husband believed that she could excel in her career and education and has always encouraged and motivated her.

“I returned last year after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media from Mumbai University, India. Considering my job (working overtime) he has been very patient and supportive.

“We respect each other for who we are, as we both have struggled to be where we are today.”


About the couple

Mr and Mrs Narayan had their traditional wedding in April at Waqadra temple in Nadi. The wedding theme was love.

“I was born in Labasa, spent two years there, the next 20 years in Nadi and then three years in Mumbai India-returned last year,” the 25-year-old said.

“I am a quiet person usually, and I have a passion for my versatile job.”

Her husband is 29-years-old and is an automotive engineer by profession. He is also an operations manager for Drive Thru Holdings – auto part and car dealer.

Speaking about her husband, she said: “He is from Sasawira in Nakasi.

“Despite the busy schedule of ours, we managed to invite families from as far as Australia to attend our wedding.

“We had a private wedding, we didn’t invite many, but it was a dream wedding.

“Sometimes people see marriage as a burden, especially these days, but from my perspective if the partner is right then everything will end in peace and happiness. Nothing will come in between your career, education, fun, enjoyment if both have a growing and positive mindset.

“I live in an extended family, with my in-laws and trust me, it’s more fun than ever.”

She said: “I have been away from him for quite a while so I want to spend a lot of time with him now.

“We have bought our land together and are now ready to build our own house.”



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