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Our duty for Fiji and its Citizens

Our duty for Fiji and its Citizens
Children’s books to educate the young.
July 06
12:53 2017

Bula vinaka, I would like to introduce you to the role and functions of Library Services of Fiji (LSF).

It is basically centred around making timely updates on school library reading resources to boost teaching of teachers and student learning.

Since its establishment by the British six years prior to Fiji’s Independence, LSF has professionally grown having “loan of boxes of books”as a way of service delivery, to the services it currently provides. LSF headquarters has been embarking on providing services through its various units and the sections are:

             School Library – This basically caters for school library set-up with reading resources and furniture and for every set-up a report is written on the status before the set-up and after the financial total of assistance provided by the LSF through government funded resources.

             Public Library – Looks after the affairs of all Government established public libraries. The supply of accessioned, catalogued reading resources are done at LSF headquarters before it distributed to government owned public libraries that is situated in Ba, Tavua, Savusavu, Rakiraki, Lautoka and the main one at Nasese in Suva.

             Village Community Library- This is a new project added to LSF’s new initiatives that is aligned to the reforms in Education in Fiji.

This is connected to Pillar 4 of the of the Pillars of the Education Reform whereby, the education ministry has chosen to assist parents in engaging their children in the village through purposeful use of time during the hours after school and before a child goes to sleep at around 9.30pm.

LSF through the Ministry of Education is watching over all movements by children and ensures that they are kept on task while at home, hence a tailor-made it programme is set through the provision of village community library to meet and assist parents in the village communities.

             Technical Section- the automated cataloguing mode of registering government purchased reading materials and resources is a giant achievement by LSF.

This means that borrowers can go online to glance through reading resources gallery and choose a book to read.

Withdrawal of books can be done online and return of books can be made at any of the government public libraries.

This major LSF project will be launched soon. LSF staff in the technical section are currently making the input into the electronic system.

Media, Marketing and Communications

This arm of LSF is a new set-up aimed at conducting survey and monitoring of school libraries through its communications section while the media and marketing focuses on dissemination of the roles and functions of LSF to the citizens of Fiji and below is this Unit’s achievement of target for Term 2.



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