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Human Element Vital For Business

Human Element Vital For Business
Fiji National University chancellor and chairman of council Ikbal Jannif during an interview in Labasa.
July 08
11:07 2017

Businesses still need the human element to operate.

This is despite the rapid development of technology which has left many in fear of being replaced by robots.

PricewaterhouseCoopers managing partner, Jenny Seeto spoke on ‘Succession Management that Delivers Results’ at the Fiji National University National Trainers Conference on Thursday.

“Most of the decisions you make are based on human thoughts and emotions.

“As human resource officers and trainers, we all know that we still need people at the end of the day.”


Succession Planning

Ms Seeto suggested that succession management should be looked at across all key positions.

“If they are fit enough to go up the ranks, then give them a chance.”

She said this was important as it empowered staff.

In addition succession planning would reduce costs and give employees more visibility.

Ms Seeto noted that plans for employees are usually not communicated to them – especially here in Fiji.

“Finding talent with migration is a challenge here. But to achieve business strategies and goals, you must ensure the human resource department plays an integral part in the business’s executive table.

“People are our business assets,” said Ms Seeto.

While a chair should be given to the human resource department in the table of executives Ms Seeto said managers should be held responsible for their people and the growth of the company.

“Everyone should be clear on what goals need to be met because very clear expectations are very important.

Even in a world of automation, people with skills are still essential, Ms Seeto said.

“Competition for good talent is difficult to find in Fiji. It is not easy to get people at the right level and we still have a workforce which needs a lot of training and development that needs to be invested in that workforce.”

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