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Tawake Defines Good Leadership At QVS

Tawake Defines Good Leadership At QVS
July 09
10:25 2017

Commander Fiji Navy Captain (Navy) Humphrey Tawake had a special message for the Queen Victoria School leaders when he viewed the school’s centennial cadet passing-out parade on Friday.

Speaking to the 900 cadets at the Nukuvuto Ground in Tailevu, Captain (Navy) Tawake, said: “To the headboy, prefects and senior boys, I have a strong message to you. You are expected to exercise good leadership during your tenure as senior boys and prefects.”

He highlighted that the media reports on bullying early this year were demeaning to the school.

Captain (Navy) Tawake said bullying portrayed a negative image of a prestigious school like QVS.

“Early this year QVS was under the spotlight in the media not for the good things but for bullying, and that was reflection of poor leadership and those responsible portrayed a negative image of this prestigious school,” he said.

Captain (Navy) Tawake reminded them that as leaders they must earn the respect of others not by creating fear.

“My quick message to you on leadership is this, leadership is just a fancy word for service, and you cannot lead if you cannot serve,” he said.

Captain (Navy) Tawake added leaders were required to serve. Good characters were the starting point in developing a leader.

“Good character traits have loyalty, respect, honesty, and compassion. Develop this and watch how these transform one to a good and respected leader. You all have a legacy to live up to.

He said the school has produced respected statesmen and leaders – a legacy in which the school is famous for.

However, he reminded students not to let failure define them.

Captain (Navy) Tawake said even great successful leaders had failed in life but they didn’t give up- it is what made them great.

He shared with students how proud he was to review the cadet passing-out parade on a ground where he once stood as a student 30 years ago. Cadet training, Captain (Navy) Tawake said, was not meant to turn them into soldiers even though some might end up choosing that career path.

“What cadet training is meant to do is to help instill good virtues discipline, respect, courage and team work.”

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