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Letters To The Editor, 15th July 2017

Letters To The Editor, 15th July 2017
July 15
10:51 2017

Practical support for less plastic

Neelz Singh, Lami

Why should we bother to reduce, reuse and recycle? It saves natural resources – plastic is made from petroleum, aluminum from an ore called bauxite, tin cans from an alloy of tin, and paper from trees.

Recycling these materials means fewer natural resources need to be mined or harvested. Glass, steel, aluminium and plastic can be recycled over and over again.

It saves money – Recycling saves fuel and transportation costs and saves on garbage disposal fees.

It saves landfill space – Our landfills are getting full. Putting only materials that can’t be reused or recycled in the trash will make landfills last longer. Plastic, aluminum, paper, and other recyclable materials do us no good trapped in a landfill.

Recycling reduces air and water pollution and mining waste because it uses less energy and causes less damage to land and water than mining and harvesting.


  1. Use washable dishes instead of paper plates and cups.
  2. Use a reusable water bottle instead of single serve water bottles.
  3. Bring your own bag to the grocery store.
  4. Have furniture, toys and appliances repaired instead of tossing them and getting new ones.


  1. Reuse containers, bags boxes, tubs, cups, bottles and jars over and over before discarding or recycling.
  2. Collect rain water in a rain barrel to use to water the garden.
  3. Take “garbage” and make it into something new to use or to play with.
  4. Take your food scraps and yard waste and start a compost bin in your back yard.


  1. Collect used tyres or beverage containers and find the best way to recycle them in your community.
  2. Have your school, college or university projects use recyclable items in the creative arts.
  3. Look for the recycling symbols and buy recycled products like recycled content paper, cards, and paper towels.
  4. Encourage the community and stakeholders to look for recycling centres that accept things like tyres, batteries, motor oil, paints, and unusable electronic equipment and parts.

Fighting climate change is possible when we work together.


Pacific Pride

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Whilst Fiji and Samoa, will clash head on at Apia this Saturday it’s Pacific pride at stake for the three rugby crazy nations. Even though Tonga will not play, a victory to Samoa may lead to the Friendly Islands claiming the Pacific Nations Cup.

For the Flying Fijians, the 2019 Rugby World Cup has just only begun with confirmation of pool members including Australia, Wales and Georgia. What a better way to finish off the Pacific clashes by successfully defending the Pacific Nations Cup in 2017.

For the Samoa side, the match today (Saturday) means everything as they will want to qualify for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. In this regard one could expect Samoan rugby at its best.

As usual, a small group of the Fijian community members in Apia will be there to cheer on the Flying Fijians.

The forwards and backs of both sides will go head to head throughout the entire battle and rugby gurus will have their microscopes on the kickers of both sides.

For the Flying Fijian fans, one wonders if there is a reliable back up kicker should Ben Volavola fall victim to injury.

Whatever one’s views, an exciting match it will be.

The nation looks forward with much anticipation.


Flying Fijians support

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

I did not know whether to smile or act surprised when I read that the Vodafone Flying Fijians captain sought the support of Fijians in their game against Samoa in Samoa on Saturday.

As a die-hard supporter of Fiji Rugby, it was sad to read that Fiji fans in Tonga were let down by the boys when no one showed up to the thanksgiving and farewell function that was organised for the team last week.

Now just a few days later, the captain wants Fijians to support them as they take on Samoa.

Die hard Fiji Rugby fans will always support the Flying Fijians win or lose and it is a slap in the face for Fiji fans when after a game; no team member attends a function supporters have organized for them.

While we all support and want our boys to win against Samoa; please captain, don’t let the Fiji fans in Samoa down like what happened in Tonga last week. Go Fiji go!



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