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Stylish Design From Bayview Cove Health Resort

Stylish Design From Bayview Cove Health Resort
July 17
20:01 2017

The Bayview Cove Health Resort boasts modern architecturally-de­signed villas, nestled within the is­land environment that provide a sense of style and space – “a home away from home”.

The property is located off Sonaisali Road in Nadi and has been developed by business­man, Imam Buksh.

He engineered the interior designs from his 30 years of vast experience and knowl­edge gained from the business.

“I designed the whole concept myself and most of it I used the Australian concept,” he said.

“You give a ground, I build you a Taj Mahal, meaning you give me a land and I build any­thing you want.

“In Fiji nowadays you have to bring a high standard, because a lot of people are edu­cated and most of them in overseas are re­turning home so they want things good, top quality and feasible.

“Not too cheap, but a fair-price so this is the design I got,” he said.

Mr Buksh said in designing the interior there is a need to understand how the guests can utilise the given area – a two bedroom villa has the area size of 100 square meters and the living room alone is a seven metre by five metre.


With the property, the block wall design was used which places steel rods filled with concrete.

“Fiji is a hurricane prone country and pre­vious disasters have seen houses only to sur­vive by the foundation.

“It has injured people when the structure collapses so we need to build it in such a way that is safer for people,” he added.

Ceilings and blinds

Fiji is a country in the tropics which gets pretty hot during the summer months.

This calls for a naturally cooler tempera­ture to supplement, so there is a need for a high roof and the ceiling designs bring out that one outstanding principle.

“The rooms have a high ceiling, that’s the way I have designed it to match with the roof.

“Fiji is a very hot country so the higher the ceiling, the lesser the heat. If it’s too low then there will be more heat generated.”

All windows and doors have high resolu­tion blinds to protect the inner room from the sun.

During a hot day when the air-condition­ing units are on, there is a need to place the blinds down to allow the room to cool. This also prevent the cool air from escaping out­side the room.


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