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WATCH UNITY FIJI It Seems to Be on a Roll

WATCH UNITY FIJI It Seems to Be on a Roll
Nemani Delaibatiki
July 17
17:46 2017

It will influence change in the political dynamics

Unity Fiji’s entry in the 2018 general elec­tion race changes the political dynamics.

It will become a go-to party for dissi­dents from the other political parties and the undecided voters.

It offers a fresh perspective and new approach to address Opposition national issues.

At its current rate of progress, don’t be sur­prised if Unity Fiji overtakes the Fiji Labour Party, People’s Democratic Party and Fiji United Freedom Party soon. It’s on a roll at the moment.

SODELPA will be looking over its shoulder at this fast growing newcomer.



While details of its policies have not been revealed we can see some broad outlines.

  • As its name suggests, policies will be de­signed to unite people irrespective of their backgrounds
  • The policies are expected to be multiracial and inclusive
  • The party is buoyed by more than 9000 sig­natures it collected, 4000 more than the required amount
  • This positive response has inspired the par­ty to continue with its strategy to target the grassroot people.
  • This is why it is using the traditional pro­tocol to approach the vanua and the chiefs and it is gaining inroads.
  • It is meeting and discussing with people is­sues of national interest.
  • It is listening to people and recording their views and aspirations. At the same time, it is sharing some of its beliefs with them. It’s about articulating issues and analysing them. Policies that will finally be adopted will be evidence-based. They will be based on research data.
  • It’s early stage yet to expect a party mani­festo soon for the 2018 poll.
  • There will be broad consultations with all the relevant stakeholders. At the moment it is observing the activities of the existing political parties.
  • Don’t rule out the party talking to other par­ties. It is expected to keep all its options open. It’s future plans will be revealed soon.
  • Unifying all the Opposition political parties into one entity is a long term goal. Ultimate­ly there will be two major parties, one in Op­position and one in Government.
  • The impressive way in which it has become registered has got people talking. It has overtaken proposed HOPE Party which started its signature drive well before Unity Fiji started.
  • Unity Fiji is expected to be particularly strong in the Western Division with iTaukei support. It is understood to be also spread­ing its wings in other divisions.




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