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Mulo’s Aim: Convince Public To Protect Environment

Mulo’s Aim: Convince Public To Protect Environment
Miss Shah Group of Companies Lusiana Marilyn Mulo. Photo: Supplied/Pettine Simpson
July 20
11:00 2017


Lusiana Marilyn Mulo believes that if she can convince at least one person at the festival to protect the environment, then joining the pageant is worth it.

She is representing Shah Group of Companies during the five-day Miss Vodafone Savusavu Carnival which starts next Tuesday.

Growing up by the sea in Savusavu, Ms Mulo said the theme of the carnival – “Go Green: Stop Global Warming” – had hit home for her, which led to her participation in the carnival.

“We see it every day, it is an issue that affects us which we should do something about,” she said.

She is one of the five Queen contestants for the carnival.

Miss Shah Group of Companies Lusiana Marilyn Mulo. Photo: Supplied/Pettine Simpson

Who is Miss Shah Group of Companies Lusiana Marilyn Mulo?

Ms Mulo is 22, currently a law student at the University of the South Pacific, studying through distance and flexible learning (DFL) in Savusavu. She is the youngest of four children and originally from Natewa in Cakaudrove with maternal links to Nadivakarua, Kubulau in Bua.

She grew up in Savusavu and considers this opportunity as a way to give back to the community that built her.

What was your reaction when you were chosen to be a contestant?

I submitted my portfolio to the carnival committee and the sponsor picked my name from the list of names supplied to them.

As to my reaction, I was excited yet apprehensive. I knew that whatever it is I would agree to, I would have to make sure to see it through and that sort of scared me.  The excitement was purely because of the fact that I was actually going to join a pageant.

What was your motivation for entering this year’s Savusavu Hidden Paradise Carnival?

A couple of people have been ‘hinting’ that I join the Savusavu Hidden Paradise Carnival and once I finally made up my mind to join- that was it.

However, it is an amazing space to bring attention to problems that affects our society and environment, particularly with this year’s theme. Knowing that I can help bring awareness of the effects of global warming and what the people of Savusavu can do to stop it—that’s become my motivation now.


What are you looking forward to at the festival?

Apart from the food and rides of course, I hope to see an increased awareness of the earth’s environmental problems among the people of Savusavu and what we can do individually to curb it.

Savusavu may not contribute much to the world’s overall carbon emission, but that won’t excuse us from being hit with the effects of global warming and climate change.  Besides, we have our own eco-system that we are responsible for and if I can convince at least one person to care a little bit more about what we do to our local eco-system then the carnival is worth it.


Who Is Your Greatest Inspiration By Far? Why?

A lot of people inspire me every day: My parents for their humility and work ethics, my siblings for the way they tackle their problems, my aunts and uncles who effortlessly balance work, home life, social and religious obligations, Barack Obama for proving that diplomacy can help build bridges, Hillary Clinton for still believing in the goodness of people despite being dealt a hard blow.


What are your favorites?

Quote: ‘Sunshine all the time makes a desert’ – Arab Proverb

Food: Curry and Roti. Honestly I couldn’t care what kind of curry- as long as it’s with roti.

Song: ‘Read All About It’ by Emeli Sande

Movie: My favorite movie for all time would be the Harry Potter series but my current new favorites are Hidden Figures and Child 44.

Guilty Pleasure: Strong tea with milk and biscuits. You break the biscuits into the cup and before it gets too soft, you add powdered milk on top!

Compiled by Josaia Ralago


Edited by Caroline Ratucadra



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