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Letters To The Editor, July 21st, 2017

Letters To The Editor, July 21st, 2017
A collection of Mr Kanwal's work
July 21
11:27 2017

Clarifications from Late Mr Kanwal’s Family

Kanwal Family, Ba

With reference to Kirti Patel’s letter “Demise of a legend” published in Your Views (20/07), the late Mr Jogindar Singh Kanwal ‘s family would like to let it be known to the general public that:

 The late Mr Jogindar Singh Kanwal was never known as ‘Jaswant Singh Kanwal’

  •  He was not born in ‘ Dhudike, Moga District, Punjab, India’
  •  He never left school as a teenager.
  •  He never visited Malaya
  •  He was never conferred the Sahit Shiromani award
  •  His novels were not about ‘rural life of Punjab’
  •  He never advocated for the Khalistan movement or had strong political affiliations.

The family is requesting potential contributors to verify their facts before publication.

My apologies to the late Mr Kanwal and his family

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

This letter is in regards the tribute letter I wrote about Mr Jogindar Singh Kanwal where the 5th Paragraph is from the source Wikipedia.

Mr Kanwal’s name is not Jaswant Singh Kanwal but Jogindar Singh Kanwal. I believe the information was about some Jaswant Singh Kanwal.

I would like to apologise to the Kanwal family for the grief and sorrow that is created from that piece that too in the situation where the family is already grieving.  My intention were not as such and we can only imagine the frustration and the sadness that the source had created.

Mr Kanwal was a very humble and kind person and a very respectful legend.

I sincerely would like to apologise for the misunderstanding.

COP23 update

Spencer Robinson, Suva

With only three months to go before the commencement of the COP23 presided by Fiji to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn, Germany, one wonders how preparations are going.

The 4FJ Campaign

Shiu Kumar, Ba

Our beautiful nation is endowed with precious natural resources and we must be united in our campaign to udertake sustainable practices in our use of natural resources to  protect our future generations.

I applaud the efforts of our iconic Grand Pacific Hotel in signing as a corporate champion for the 4FJ campaign in making of public pledge not to serve kawakawa and donu during their peak breeding months from June  to September.

Other prominent hotels, resorts and restaurants have made the same pledge. Thanks to the Ministry  of Fisheries for launching this private sector outreach programme in advance of its planned seasonal ban on the fishing  and sale of these two species of fish in our country.

Our various media can be used as a medium to transmit the valuable information to our public at large on this grand campaign.Our vigilant fisheries  officers can also hold dialogues in our communities with our fishermen highlighting the impact of overfishing of these two species of fish.

Let us join hands as good citizens  of our beloved  nation to show our civic pride in promoting this 4FJ campaign initiated by our fisheries officers.


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