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Record Women Turnout Pleasing

Record Women Turnout Pleasing
2017 Island Chill Suva Marathon winners in the full marathon grade Anna Cowley (middle), Nau Dakuiliga (left) and Joyce Mininger (right).
July 24
11:15 2017

Suva Marathon Club president Sandeep Narayan is hoping women’s participation in the Island Chill Suva Marathon will attract more to take part in future.

The number of women who turned up on Saturday was the largest that the Suva Marathon has had compared to previous years.

“It was really good to see the number of women who turned up which is the largest we have ever had,” Narayan said.

“Anna Cowley won the full marathon for the second time in a row which was good to see and also a number of overseas runners as well.

“Long distance running is usually associated with men, so to have women take part in the full marathon and other grades are encouraging.

“We want to include everyone in this sport, marathons are not only allowed for those who can run but it is also for those with disabilities.

“So the more women who join the better. We are hoping that this year’s Suva Marathon will attract more women and young girls to take part in the next one.

“This is also a way to exercise, most women go out and do aerobics but this is also a way for them to exercise.

“This year has been successful with a number of runners turning up from all backgrounds and it was good to see women turning up in numbers as well.”

In the full marathon Anna Cowley claimed her second title in a row clocking 4:06.26.80 while Joyce Mininger came second 4:10.20.36 and Nau Dakuiliga finishing third 4:22.08.21.

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