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Letters to the Editor, 25th July, 2017

Letters to the Editor, 25th July, 2017
Terry walk
July 25
11:00 2017

FBC 4 The Record

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation television host and presenter Mr Simpson and other political parties must now learn and understand that everyone in this country including the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Fiji Police Force and Fiji Correction Services have all learnt from our past blunders and have moved on and progressed since.

The interview and questions asked by the presenter are no longer valid and relevant to our new democracy as defined by our 2013 Constitution. The military’s role in our country’s maintenance of peace harmony, safety and security is clearly outlined in our Constitution.

He presented the views of the opposition together with their anti-FijiFirst government rhetoric.

The 4 The Record interview of our RFMF Commander Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto on Sunday night July 23 will, I hope, allay any fears and doubts which may exist over the military’s role in helping to maintain law and order within our country.

The RFMF and our Police are collectively there 24/7 to watch over our country’s welfare and under the circumstance they are doing their level best.

Good heart

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

A good hearted person never turns away because they constantly see the best a person could be.

It’s the bad person that slams the door, but in the end, the good heart keeps beating which means it has hope for new beginnings elsewhere.

The bad wither and die.

Drunkards in the City

Samuela Rareba,  Raiwaqa

In the heart of the Capital City, consumers can’t help being hassled by these drunkards who usually drink spirits beside MHCC or alongside Terry Walk.

It is really a hassle to see that these drunkards mostly aim for consumers coming out of MHCC or at the new FNPF shopping mall and beg them for loose coins or spares.

Most consumers are forced to give in to avoid being verbally abused by these culprits, especially, when they are drunk.

All relevant authorities are requested to please act now to avoid incidents like grab and run or robberies with violence occuring  at this spot.

Prevention is better than cure.

Delta Tigers Again

Shiu Kumar,  Ba

Congratulations to the Delta Tigers for emerging victorious in another major tournament.

Coming as runner-up in the pool play, they defeated Labasa 1-0 in the semifinals and 2-1 win over Nadi in the electrifying grand final at Churchill Park in Lautoka.

What a game to witness!

Their dedication and commitment have paid off.

We are looking forward to another valiant performance in the Inter District Soccer tournament in October.

Many thanks to the coach Marika Rodu and the boys!

Finally just a little thought to share; why not install the INKK Mobile Battle of the Giants trophy in Nausori Town in a safe place forever for the public to see; and at the same time for our future upcoming players to boost their confidence and morale!


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