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Commerce Commission Renamed

Commerce Commission Renamed
August 03
11:00 2017

The Fiji Commerce Commission as of yesterday will now be known as the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Commission chief executive officer Joel Abraham said the name change is to inform the public that the Commission focuses on both consumer protection and the regulation of competition between traders.

“We are often asked what the difference is between the Commission and Consumer Council.

“We want people to know that the Council is the advocacy body for consumers while the Commission is the enforcement agency,” said Mr Abraham.

With the name change, people will instantly know that the Commission does not only look after the affairs of traders but also the rights of consumers which is a role that the Commission always had since it was established, Mr Abraham said.

It also represents the Commission becoming a multi-sector regulator.

This means looking at various areas that has to do with consumer protection and competition,” said Mr Abraham.

The Commission has developed a 5 year strategy plan.

The plan will focus on ensuring that markets are competitive and that the regulations are justified and consumers are well aware of their rights over and provided quality products, Mr Abraham said.

What the new name and logo means:

  • FIJIAN – this represents the common identity that we have in Fiji.
  • COMPETITION AND CONSUMER COMMISSION – The Commission will regulate the market and ensure that the livelihood of all Fijians is maintained. Also people can continually improve their standards of living and affordability in the market for quality products.
  • Logo: The inverted Cs which looks like an arrow represents the forward thinking of the Commission.

The color red is to portray that the Commission is warm and approachable in its dealings while the color black is to state that despite its approachable manner, the Commission is still formal.

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