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Editorial: Choosing the right people to lead our nation

Editorial: Choosing the right people to lead our nation
August 09
11:01 2017

It’s interesting to see that as we gear towards the elections, we’ve seen a number of prominent figures entering the political arena.

Expect the numbers to increase with the passage of time.

This is encouraging if we’ll have well-qualified candidates with vast work experiences and also having the right global connections that could benefit our beloved nation.

But before that happens, some of these candidates should do a lot of soul searching on why they’re contesting the elections.

This is because the country has made so much progress for the past 11 years.

Some of these people have been out of touch with what is really happening in the country – it’s not the same Fiji that it was 12 or 20 years ago.

That’s why they need to ask themselves hard questions on whether they still have what it takes to cope with the demands and pressures of politics, good leadership and governance.

In fact, this is not about being disrespectful, but it’s about the truth and pondering on the following questions should at least help them know where they stand;

  What are their true motives?

Are they there only for the money and the privileges MPs are entitled to? That’s the salary and allowances and, possibly, free overseas trips along with the perks that come with it.

What about the elevation of their status in society? Or are they really doing it with a sincere heart that seeks to serve the people of this country?

Do they have what it takes to be a parliamentarian? Surely most of them will say ‘yes’ but are they really prepared to work 24/7?

To sacrifice their family time, not only to tour towns, resorts and cities but to sail to the outer islands or travel on horseback when visiting the interior highlands. To be a parliamentarian means you’re there for all people and not only those from your community, village, island, settlement or province.

Are they willing to promote national unity and condemn racism, prejudice, bigotry and hatred?

We now live in a time where we’re all called Fijians. Together, we’ve stood in unity and have moved our nation forward.

We’ve seen the disastrous effects of the 2000 political chaos and how we as a nation suffered in silence.

We’ve moved away from that and for the past 11 years we’ve embarked on a new journey that has resulted in a more stable political climate.

The new environment has boosted our economy with the benefits trickling down to the grassroots.

There is no perfect government in the world, but surely there are governments which facilitate progress, equality and prosperity.

For Fiji, we’ve seen the remarkable changes that have taken place and how the lives of many ordinary Fijians have been transformed for the better over the years.

Surely come next year’s elections, we should know the kind of people we want to represent us in Parliament.

Choosing the right people is choosing a good future for all Fijians.



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