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Letter To The Editors, 10th August 2017

Letter To The Editors, 10th August 2017
August 10
11:33 2017

Preventing Fire Tragedies

Tomasi Boginiso,  Nasinu

All buildings in Fiji should either be checked, inspected and or adjusted, so that no tragedies of this sort (like the recent Lautoka fire tragedy that killed five people whose ages ranged from three to 26) happens in the future.

Most houses nowadays are being grilled for security reasons, but never thought of an emergency, especially in the case of a fire.

For these types of houses there should always be a door in the front, a door at the back and a door on either side.

In most scenarios now the kitchen is in the central and all rooms are beyond that.

So if the fire starts in the kitchen, the only way out of the bathroom is through the kitchen, and I believe no one would prefer that.

We should implement laws taking this into consideration.

Our condolences goes out to the families of the victims of the recent fire in Lautoka.

Contaminated food

Dorsami Naidu,  Nadi

I have always wondered why there is such a prevalence of various forms of cancer, diabetes resulting in amputations, kidney and liver disease.

I wondered whether it had anything to do with the French nuclear tests in the Pacific several decades back, but now when I hear of the millions of eggs being destroyed in Europe due to insecticide contamination, I wonder.

Are there any random testing by the relevant Government Department of the poultry products, dairy products, vegetables and other meats we consume as to their level of toxicity and other chemicals harmful to humans? Do we have the equivalence of a body in Fiji similar to that found in Australia and New Zealand as a consumer watchdog?

Though we are told of the number of kidney and liver failures, the number of cancer cases, and the amputations due to diabetes, nothing was said as to the actual causes and why is it so prevalence here. Is it just our lifestyle?

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