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Letters To The Editor, 13th August 2017

Letters To The Editor, 13th August 2017
August 13
16:02 2017

Uncollected rubbish

Dr Joel Trazo, Suva

In Chadwick Road, Nasinu, there is a disturbing site in the area.

For so many months if not years, there’s a house that is just beside a pile of rubbish that has become an eyesore.

It seems clear that the owner or household members do not mind it at all.

Someone even pulled out the signboard ‘No throwing of rubbish’.

The law on littering should be implemented and guilty parties should be charged to make them comply with the law on littering.

This is a chronic problem, a real eyesore, please implement the law.



Mosquito research

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona

There is a new experiment that is being practiced right now in California and is decreasing the mosquito population.

The scientists and researchers are sterilising a large number of male mosquitoes and releasing them into residential areas.

When the female mosquitoes mate with the sterile males, the females cannot produce offspring thus decreasing the mosquito population.

This includes the ones that carry the deadly virus of Zika and Dengue.

We must get a hold of this sterilisation experiment and see how it could be implemented for all of Fiji.

Our science community needs to get onto their computers and start researching. Ask the US Embassy for help.



Burning Tragedy and Response

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Fijians will by now have shared the story of the tragic house burning tragedy which claimed the lives of five people at V.M. Pillay Road in Lautoka on Sunday night which was published in the Fiji Sun on August 8, 2017.

While our hearts are pierced with the pain that such a tragic loss of human lives brings, we also shudder at the thought that burglar bars installed to keep burglars from breaking in, became a trap for innocent people trying to get out of a house during a fire.

National Fire Authority chief fire officer QionilauMoceitai has warned that it is very important for home owners to install burglar bars that could be easily opened during a fire and also map out an escape route.

He also asked home owners to consider installing smoke detectors.

The million dollar question is: ‘How many homeowners and people in Fiji living in homes full of burglar bars have heeded the warning after learning the facts of the above tragedy?’

This is not the first time lives have been lost through house fires in Fiji and yet no one seems to budge and do the right thing.

God help us!


 Grog Consumption

Rajnesh Kumar, Nadi

Krishan Janmashtami is currently being celebrated in Fiji and around the world. People from all walks of life join in to make it more joyful.

In Fiji, there are more than 2000 mandalis (small groups) celebrating in their homes and in temples. After the daily prayer and distribution of sweets and food some even do ticket raffling to do fundraising for the mandalis.

However, the sad part of any North Indian celebration is grog consumption which sometimes go to midnight or into the early hours of the morning.

Some of the mandalis budget half to one kilogramme  of grog which at current price equates to $60 to $120 which is consumed by many.

All the donation and money raised through fundraising is utilised in the next few days for grog consumption.

The sad part is that some SanatanDharam leaders and priests also indulge themselves in these grog sessions after daily prayers when they’re supposed to be leading by example.

Something should be done about this.

But nonetheless, I take this opportunity in wishing all the followers a Happy Krishan Janmashtami.


Resting Areas

Pramesh Naidu, Nadi

As a concerned citizen, I would like to express my appreciation to the Fiji Roads Authority for allocating rest areas along the highway.

The resting areas are very good because it provides drivers and passengers a place to rest at convenient locations along their travel route.

These areas will also reduce accidents on our roads when drivers are tired and sleepy they can rest in these areas.

We all must work together and use these locations wisely and preserve them for the future.

I know the Fiji Road Authority will expand this throughout the country for all Fijians to have access to them.


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