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Editorial: LTA Commended For Acting on Public Concern

Editorial: LTA Commended For Acting on Public Concern
Land Transport Authority
August 19
10:54 2017

The Chief Executive Officer of the Land Transport Authority Carmine Piantedosi must be commended for moving quickly to bring in much needed changes to the Land Transport Authorities service delivery.

One of the prominent changes is the Land Transport Authorities move to ensure that taxi operators cannot say no to short trips when approached by members of the public.

The main condition of a taxi permit is to provide service to the public.

We are delighted that the Land Transport Authority has finally acted after repeated calls in this column about the attitude of some taxi operators.

Members of the travelling public can report to the Land Transport Authority of any incident where the taxis have refused to take a passenger because it is a short run.

With a Chief Executive Officer who is now listening to the concerns of the people and doing something about them, it’s an opportunity to raise issues that will make travelling safer and better. The latest Land Transport Authority directive will help to improve the taxi service. It will leave little room for private taxis to operate and make money. People were turning to private taxis because legal taxis were refusing to accept short runs. Taxis cannot afford to be selective and leave passengers stranded. Now, they have been compelled to take all passengers irrespective of their travel distance.

It’s a high-risk exercise and is not worth it because of the potential dangers to the driver and the passengers.

The Land Transport Authority, under the new leadership, looks set to move forward. The preliminary evidence shows that this will happen.

For those who take buses and other public service vehicles, this is the opportunity to also raise any issues they may have about transportation.

We know the LTA will act on your complaints and concerns, based on its performance so far under Mr Piantedosi’s leadership.



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