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Mother Ponders On Son’s Future After Death Of Husband

Mother Ponders On Son’s Future After Death Of Husband
Jiten Prasad (left) points to the spot where he saw Rebaio Mekieru lying in a pool of blood while Police Constable Linora Seru secures the crime scene in Navua on September 1, 2017. Photo: Ronald Kumar
September 02
15:27 2017

The sudden loss of the family’s sole breadwinner has left a wife and a son contemplating their future.

Dead is Rebaio Mekieru, 30, from Rabi, who lived with his wife, Merelita, 28, and son, Mosese, 7, at Raiwaqa Settlement in Navua.

It is alleged that Mr Mekieru – commonly known as Rebaio – died after a fight broke out among co-workers during a drinking party at the timber yard early friday morning. He had been working there for the past two years.

The tragedy has got Mrs Mekieru thinking hard about their plans as parents, to secure a better future for their son.

Mrs Mekieru said: “I still can’t come to terms with the fact that he is no more because he is the one who takes care of us and he was a very caring father to our son.

“We had made plans to make our son’s future as bright as possible to ensure he never lacked anything,” she said.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said Mr Rebaio was last seen with two others at the back yard of the Yarawa Timber and Hardware Limited in Vuninokonoko, Navua, when the alleged fight broke out.

“The two suspects are in custody and we are waiting for the post mortem examination to be conducted to ascertain the cause of death,” Ms Naisoro said.

Mrs Mekieru said she and her son were informed of the alleged incident by Police. They later went to the hospital to see the body. At the hospital, Mrs Mekieru said Mosese wept uncontrollably after seeing his father lying motionless.

Recalling her last moments with the husband, Mrs Mekieru said: “The last time I spoke to him was on Thursday morning when he was leaving home for work.

“I called him in the afternoon to ask him what he wanted to eat but he did not answer the phone, so I called his boss and his boss informed me that Rebaio was working overtime.

“Later in the evening I called his boss again to check if they had knocked off. He then said that he bought them alcohol and they were drinking at work.

“When I tried calling his phone in the morning it was switched off. So I went to his work place with my son to look for him. There, I saw Police officers and they informed me about Rebaio.”

She also said her late husband never used to drink away from home.

“But, I don’t know why he drank that night and now we will not see him again,” she said.

Yarawa Timer and Hardware Limited manager Saten Kumar said he was with Mr Mekieru and the two suspects drinking at work when they decided to visit a nightclub in Suva.

“We arrived in Suva around midnight and came back at 7am. I went to open the office when I saw them from the inside fighting on the street,” Mr Kumar said.

“By the time I came out to break the fight, Rebaio was lying on the ground, and then the Police arrived.

“Later in the day, the Police officer informed us that Rebaio passed away.”

Funeral arrangements will be made by the Rabi council after the post mortem examination has been conducted.

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