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Letter Of The Week

Letter Of The Week
September 11
09:34 2017

What about ‘plastic  collectors’?

Arien Vikash Kumar, nadi

We have bottle collectors. We have can collectors and we have ‘scrap collectors’.

Why can’t we have plastic collectors?

The 10 cents levy is charged per plastic bag and the money collected from the levy can be used to pay back the plastic collectors. Maybe 10 cents per 5 or 10 plastics collected or even 10 cents per kilo.

There are so many beggars on the streets as well as house-to-house beggars are always asking for loose coins. What if we stop giving them money and tell them to collect plastics lying here and there and earn money for survival?

This will not only help clean the environment but will also help in solving beggar problems in our towns and cities.

Contracts should be given to some truck operators to move house-to-house, to settlements and rural areas to collect used plastics from people just like how the bottle collectors operate.

The human mentality is such that no matter how well you create awareness or educate people about pollution, some will only act well if they get something in return.

If a reward is given for plastics then there would be more plastic collectors than polluters, I bet.

Many would be seen near creeks, river or sea not fishing but ollecting plastics.

Easy money with less pollution and of course less beggars, less crime.

I’m serious about this and hope that the concerned authorities and people also think seriously about this.

Arien Vikash Kumar will receive a 1.25L Plastic Jar Blender from Courts.


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