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Opinion:Appreciate Those Who Are Honest, Do Good

Opinion:Appreciate Those Who Are Honest, Do Good
Amelia Naiqama with her bouquet of flowers given by the Bank of America in Sonoma, California.
September 11
10:03 2017

In an exemplary act of honesty Amelia Naiqama returned the extra $900 she got from the bank, money she would have kept or spent and no one would have known except God.

This incident was between a bank and a client/customer. The onus was on the client to do the right and the bank responded positively.

I received a lot positive responses from people praising Ms Naiqama. Among them was a Fijian couple living in Auckland for many years. They come to Fiji regularly for holidays because they love the people and their hospitality.

While in Suva they went to what appeared to be a favourite restaurant one night. The service was great because the waitresses went out of their way to ensure the diners had an enjoyable night.

Unfortunately at the end of the night when the visitors went to the front counter to settle their bill the manager collecting the money was rude and insulted the waitresses and the couple.

The couple had told the manager that a bottle of water they drank was not included in the bill and they were willing to pay for it. Instead of thanking the couple for their honesty the manager growled at the waitresses for forgetting to include one bottle of water.

The manager did not even thank the couple for their honesty. The couple felt for the waitresses. The manager should have praised the couple, let them leave, and discreetly take the waitress to a corner or to his office and counseled her.

The chastisement was done in full view of the diners. The experience has left a sour note with the couple. It was so bad that they have vowed not to return to that restaurant.

They were only trying to be honest. But ended up disillusioned by the behavior of the manager.

Maybe they should have just kept quiet and have a lovely night they thought. It was too late the damage had been done.

The manager should have done what the bank manager did in the US – he recognised the honesty of Ms Naiqama. Because of his arrogant and stupid behavior the restaurant  has lost a valued customer.

The lesson here is acknowledge and show appreciation to people who are honest and do good.


Edited by Karalaini Waqanidrola



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