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Constant Water Disruptions At Poorva, Makoi

Constant Water Disruptions At Poorva, Makoi
Dad Vishaal Narayan with daughter Eshita Narayan showing the bill they keep receving despite the shoratge of water at upper Poorva place in Makoi. Photo:Jone Luvenitoga
September 13
11:46 2017

Residents on upper Poorva Place, Makoi are enraged by the severe water disruptions they have been experiencing, which one resident says has been happening for more than a year.

The disruptions mainly occur in the early hours of the morning and as dusk begins to fall, with a consistent supply only available during mid-day, residents said.

One resident, Vishaal Narayan, said his numerous complaints to the Water Authority of Fiji customer service line fell on deaf ears. “The customer service representative told me they had no plans for Poorva,” Mr Narayan said.

“There is no water in the house but the meter continues. We leave the taps open so we know when the water comes and I think for that they charge us; but there is no water and we are paying $150 in monthly bills.

“We bought water drums and when the water comes, we top it up. On most days we use a bucket to shower to get ready for work.”

Repeated calls to WAF Chief Executive Officer’s mobile phone went unanswered.

When the Fiji Sun arrived to investigate the neighbourhood on Monday, the taps were running dry.

Another resident, Abdul Hakim, echoed the same sentiments.

He said: “Every morning at 6am the water slows down and does not come until midday.”

On most of the weekends, he said, the area had no water at all.

The residents said authorities intermittently sent water trucks to supply the area, but said they had to stand on the road waiting for hours for the trucks to show up.

Mr Narayan’s neighbour, Marika Lomai, said “our expectations and our house chores are all dictated by the timing of the water.”

“At 5am the whole area is bustling with activity as people do their house chores and take their baths.”

He said he was also thinking about pleading for help on a social networking site.

Water Authority of Fiji corporate communication officer, Peni Shute has apologised to the residence of Poorva Place, Makoi for all the inconvenience caused to them.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to Fijians living at Poorva Place in Makoi. We are looking into the matter and we have deployed WAF officers to investigate the problem at the area,” said Mr Shute.

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