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A Mad Man :Meet The Poet Who’s Addressing Issues With a Frown

A Mad Man :Meet The Poet Who’s Addressing Issues With a Frown
September 17
17:04 2017

A budding ‘angry’ poet has independently launched a book of poems called ‘A Mad Man Collection’ that aimed to address issues from a satirical standpoint.

‘A Mad Man’ as he calls himself, refusing to disclose his real name, said through his creative writing, he hoped to address societal issues, that deeply ‘angered’ him.

“I am a very playful and coy person and my poems will reflect that,” he said.

“But, there is an underlying serious tone to it. I want to address issues intelligently, but as a mad man, because as a writer I am very angry.”

The young poet grew up in a Rawai neighbourhood which he claims is notoriously famous for its high crime rate and began writing at the age of 12

There were nights, he remembers, when his home permeated with the heavy scent of marijuana coming from outside while his family sat down for dinner.

But a combination of his love for writing and strict moral values instilled in him by his late parents kept him away from that life.

His journey to reach the point of publishing his artwork commercially has been a difficult one.

He lost his mother three years ago, and his father died in 2002.

Because of this, he had to look for employment early on to sustain himself and his family.

Although he moved through a number of jobs during these hard times, he was never distracted from honing his ability to write.

It is a painful fact that steady platforms in the country for budding writers to express themselves are, at best, scarcely available.

To this he said: “I have a rule: whatever I do, I have to be certain that it’s good.

“Once I’ve done that, all I have to do is get it to the right places and I know there’ll be a response.”

The book of poetry includes eight poems, 13 quotes attached with 26 QR codes and a letter in which he details a creative conversation with a professor, taking inspiration from Mel Gibson’s film ‘The Professor and the Madman’.

He has also written many songs and published various albums with local artists. He currently owns a business called Bigstep Brothers Media, for which he has big plans.

The poet reserved special thanks for his guru in music Reverend Tifare Inia who currently lives in Lomaivuna.

“He taught me music using numbers and since then I’ve had a strong fascination with numbers, even though I’m not very good at math,” he said.

The book is currently on sale at $10 a copy and be purchased by contacting the author through his E-mail address



by Mad Man

I wrote you a song once

Don’t think i can do it again

Yet you keep rotating

Are we still friends?

Like me, you too

Have to shed a few tears

But lately all your crying

Made me put up walls out of fear

I watched on the news

How the heat burnt you

I heard over the radio

How you trembled and quaked

Yet you still rotate

Every morning

Still the same sun rise

And towards the middle of every month

The moon still full

Always on time

My family would wish me well

Every time on that day

When you first heard my cry

Did yours wish you well too?

Did they?

When did you first cry?

When was your first laugh?

When will men learn

To treat you with their hearts

When will we realise

That once you stop rotating

All that man wished

Will disappear

And we will know fear

For no men can make you

Rotate again

My dear

I think it would be best

For me to try again

I know we are still friends

I know i still care

I’m waiting to plant a forest

And in time cut a tree down

To a make a new guitar

Play a sound

Start a dance

And write a song

To earth

From a friend


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