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Letters To The Editor, 17 September 2017

Letters To The Editor, 17 September 2017
Niko Nawaikula
September 17
09:03 2017

Nawaikula in twist

Senaca Nabutu, Naulu

Well, that was embarrassing. Niko Nawaikula tried to drive a wedge into FijiFirst by twisting Prime Minister’s words where he called the Attorney-General his right-hand man, but he really fell flat on his face. Kudos to Inia Seruiratu and others who put him in his place and explained to him how a team works.

Seruiratu shows way

Vini Kuru, New Zealand

I enjoyed watching the livestream of Parliament sitting especially when Inia Seruiratu talked about the bilibili and saying Good bye Adi! Good Bye Ratu! That was hilarious and very apt.

It is time these chiefs retire from politics. There is no space for them here. We need educated people and not bush lawyers attempting to lead this country.

The tourism service

Dewan Chand, Suva

The tourism industry is a lucrative industry and absolutely essential for the economic health of our country. Hence the Government has poured millions of dollars in advertising and improving the infrastructure such as airports, sea ports, roads and other service delivery essentials for promoting tourism in Fiji.

It, therefore becomes absolutely important that every Fijian contribute to good image building for the eyes of the thousands of tourists who visit our shores.

Our country has a lot to offer in terms of its natural beauty: golden sandy beaches, oscillating blue ocean waves, lush green vegetation and other flora and fauna simply mesmerise the tourists. The natural Fijian smile and hospitality is world class. Therefore it is important that all those who are directly involved in the tourist service delivery must provide their very best for the visitors to our shores. Simple courtesy, a smile and honesty will carry us a long way.

Recently a friend of mine came from New Zealand to spend his holidays here for two weeks.

He decided to use a rental car for travelling and was advised by a friend to use this rental company.

He was given a car and signed up for it but during inspection discovered that one of the head lights was faulty and pointed this out to the contact person.

He assured that this would be repaired the following day. As arranged he came back the following day and was given a replacement vehicle for use on the understanding that the head light would be repaired within an hour.

We enquired if the car was ready and we were told by the contact person to use the car for the rest of the day as there was difficulty finding the right bulb.

Alas at 8.30 pm we were told that another car will be provided as they could not find the right bulb.

A black car was delivered and the replacement taken away. It was a fairly comfortable car and my friend decided to keep it.

The day he went to return the rental car and collect his security deposit he was told that the front fender had sustained scratches on the paint and hence no refund would be given.

He argued that he had not used the car he had signed for and no inspection was carried out on the black car, hence he was not responsible for the scratches the contact person was talking about.

After haggling for a while my friend decided that it was not worth the while and expressed his disgust with the petty dishonesty displayed.

He left for New Zealand with a bitter feeling and vowed never to use this company again.

This may be a small incident but it can have a negative ripple effect by word of mouth.

All those who are involved in the tourist industry must realise that it is a highly competitive industry and must not do anything silly to destroy the friendly image of Fiji as a tourist destination.



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