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OUTRAGE :Hindu Group Condemns Political Use Of Deity

OUTRAGE :Hindu Group Condemns Political Use Of Deity
From left: Outgoing National Federation Party general secretary Bala Dass, NFP leader Biman Prasad and new general secretary Jagannath Sami. Photo: National Federation Party
September 20
09:22 2017

Hindu group has strongly condemned the political use of its deity in a National Federation Party rally.

Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji general secretary, Virendra Lal said: “Do not compare mere mortals with our gods and goddesses.” The largest number of Hindus in Fiji are followers of the Sanatan faith.

Mr Lal was responding to comments by NFP general secretary Jagannath Sami, who likened the three NFP Members of Parliament to Hindu deity, the triumvirate comprising three Gods, Brahma (God of Wisdom) Lord Vishnu (Protector) and Lord Mahesh also known as Lord Shiva, the Destroyer.

While introducing the three MPs, during a rally at Rishkul Sanatan College hall on Saturday in Valelevu, Nasinu, Mr Sami said the three were the trinity as in Trimurti.

He said NFP leader Biman Prasad was Brahma (God of Wisdom), Parmod Chand was Lord Vishnu (Protector) and Prem Singh was (Lord Mahesh also known as Lord Shiva, the Destroyer). The triumvirates are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world.

Mr Lal said: “They are in no way in comparison to the god and goddesses. It is not right to compare themselves with god and goddess.

“We do not agree with what they are saying. Our organisation is on its own and we do not want to bring our deities into this political arena.

“Please keep our god and goddess out of your political campaign and whatever else you are doing. Please leave our gods alone.

“Let people decide for themselves who are the right person to vote for. Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha is an apolitical organisation and we do not want to associate ourselves with any of the political parties.

“All the members have the right to vote for whom they wish to but as an organisation, we want to remain apolitical,” Mr Lal said.

Mr Sami said last night it was just an analogy.

“Since we have only three NFP MPs in Parliament and there is no reference that they were gods.

“It was just an analogy. I did not say that they were gods. I think it is just been blown out of proportion.

“The statement was made in that light. It is not an issue as highlighted,” Mr Sami said.

Fiji Sevashram Sangha Swami Sanyuktanand said: “We always stay away from politics as it is very sensitive. We do not go to any political rallies and do not wish to say any remarks about such activities.”

Fiji Sevashram Sangha is a registered Dharmic (religious), spiritual, socio-cultural, educational, philanthropic and charitable non-profitable relief organisation.

Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji declined to comment.

Edited by Mohammed Ali


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