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Sewage Waste Contaminates Boreholes And Wells

Sewage Waste Contaminates Boreholes And Wells
Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar Bala
September 22
11:00 2017

A team of officials from the Department of Environment will be conducting an assessment in Savusavu, Nadi, next week after concerns were raised that sewage waste had contaminated boreholes and wells around the area.

These concerns were raised with Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment, Infrastructure and Transport, Parveen Bala when he was conducting his roadshow at Savusavu Public School in Momi, Nadi on Wednesday.

A concerned resident, Arun Chetty said the boreholes and wells near their homes had been contaminated with sewage.

This problem has affected around five families in this small sugar cane farming community.

Mr Chetty claimed: “These boreholes and wells are our only source of water, we use it daily for bathing, washing, cooking and even drinking, and there are no proper sources of clean water in this area,” Mr Chetty said.

He added that it had produced a bad smell for the past few months and they had to deal with it on a daily basis.

“It’s so disgusting, we wake up every morning and the first thing we encounter is the filthy smell from the sewer. We have noticed the colour of water we fetch from the boreholes and wells have changed. “We have no choice but to live with it every day,” Mr Chetty added.

His son, 26-year-old Krishneel Vikash said it got worse during the dry season.

“When it’s hot, the situation gets worse and it has become a health concern for the five families living in the area, there is a creek beside our house it is where all the sewer waste is dumped,” he said.

Mr Bala has reassured residents that he would send a team from the Department of Environment to conduct an assessment in the area.

“I am really concerned.

“The health of families residing in the area are at risk. This is unhygienic.

“I will direct a team from the Department of Environment  to do an assessment next week before I will decide on the next step to take,” he added.

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