Letters To The Editor, October 7th 2017

Who will be remembered in 100 years? Dharmendra Kumar, Suva A genuine leader is someone that can translate vision into reality. Fiji is so fortunate to have a Prime Minister
07 Oct 2017 11:46
Letters To The Editor, October 7th 2017

Who will be remembered in 100 years?

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

A genuine leader is someone that can translate vision into reality. Fiji is so fortunate to have a Prime Minister that is decisive, confident and focused to deliver the very best to all Fijians.

Our Prime Minister challenged us, acknowledged us, made time for us, supported us and believed in the Fijian dream to give every Fijian equal opportunity.

Mr Bainimarama has not only made a big impression in our minds but in our hearts too.

Whenever free school fees is mentioned you will be remembered.

Your legacy will last for generations because you did so much for the people of Fiji.

When you finally find a good man with a good heart, one thought comes into our minds.

We hope and pray that your vision will not be destroyed by fools.

My prayers go out to your family and may your vision continue after the 2018 elections.

You will always be remembered.

e-Transport experience

Spencer Robinson, Suva

A few days ago I boarded a bus to the capital city and this was something historical for me as it was the first time to use the e-Transport card.

Some of my colleagues indicated that the machine could not recognise their e-Transport card and so I was reluctant to board the bus this particular evening because of my negative impression that my e-Transport card would not work. 

This system of bus travelling is absolutely new.

Hence, I made sure that I was the last passenger to board the bus so that I could strategically observe how the other passengers used their e-Transport cards on the POS machine.

Thank God everything went well for me!

I was surprised at the fact that most passengers that boarded the bus along the way did not have any knowledge of how they had to tap their e-Transport card against the POS machine.

For instance, some passengers were actually tapping their e-Transport cards against the screen of the POS.

Moreover, a passenger who incorrectly tapped her e-Transport card on multiple attempts actually disembarked from the bus because she was probably embarrassed.

For those of you who are still “madua” to use the eTransport card please visit the following site for simple and clear instruction – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukWvSOsZCAo

All in all, these are some of the psychological experiences we would encounter towards a new system that is implemented. Think of it as learning how to ride a bike for the first time. To master the procedure it takes practice and so over time we will get acclimatized to this innovative way of travelling. Happy travelling everyone. 

2017 IDC

Suresh Chand, Suva

The 2017 IDC kicks off on Fiji Day in Lautoka.

Obviously, the sugar city will be abuzz with soccer enthusiasts from all over the place till Sunday.

Churchill Park is the main venue for the competition this year.

I think you know how much work the city council has done to make Churchill Park one of the best in the division and country.

Their effort in constantly upgrading the city park is praiseworthy.

I don’t think other municipal councils are following their footsteps.

I urge them to learn and act in the same manner. Please remember your property looks good and lasts longer if it is well maintained at all times.

Now let’s divert our focus on the tournament itself. The sugar city boys enter the tournament as favourites since they won the League title this year.

I believe the side has the depth and experience to win the title this time. Interestingly Ba still sits at the top of IDC winners table.

The men in black have won the IDC title 24 times while Lautoka won it sixteen times.

This is no easy achievement and I want to commend them for that. 

I heard some districts have drafted overseas-based players in their sides which makes the competition even more interesting. A bumper turnout is expected on Tuesday since it is a holiday.

Our jet-set town will also be filled with people because of the Fiji Day celebration taking place here on Tuesday. The Prime Minister and his team are thanked for moving the event to the West.

May I wish both events the success they deserve.

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