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Letters To The Editors, 7th October 2017

Letters To The Editors, 7th October 2017
October 08
11:00 2017

Welcome e-Ticketing system

Ravneel Sharma, Navua

The majority of Fijian citizens thought that the e-Ticketing system would not work for the country.

The commendable effort put in by the Government to enforce the e-Ticketing system from October 1 was a good one.

This has made the general public aware that they need to own an e-ticket­ing card in order to travel in the buses.

People have been seen running around and overcrowding Vodafone outlets all around Fiji in the eleventh hour to own an e-Ticketing card.

These were the very people, who had not taken the messages seriously sent to their mobile phones daily by the service provider alerting the people to register their e-Ticketing cards.

However, these people were the ones who have been most affected by the en­forcement of the e-Ticketing system in Fiji.

It’s a humble request to please join hands and welcome these new changes that are coming into our country.

If people can visit other countries and use the e-Ticketing card while traveling on trains and buses then why complain when it’s happening in Fiji?


Tap On implementation

Mohammed Sabir, Nasinu

Before tap on was implemented can the stakeholders have a thorough research on the present system?

I am a user of this system since it was implemented some three years ago and I can assure you that there is no problem in the present system.

People with negativity will try to sabo­tage the system or any changes in the fu­ture and also there is bound to be critics on any new implementation or changes.

I have been using this card not once but a number of times and I again confirm that there is no problem.

If the grievances of the drivers are met then the same machines would run smoothly and for this the employers need to talk to their employees about their grievances since effective commu­nication between the employer and em­ployee is a two-way process.

As for the tap on tap off what about if I get off and forget to tap off, maybe there is no balance left for the next trip? A thorough research is needed.


e-Ticketing and legal tender

Tim Howick-Smith, Uduya Point, Lami

Under the jurisdictions of many coun­tries there is the concept of “Legal Ten­der”.

Legal tender is any official medium of payment recognised by law that can be used to extinguish a public or private debt, or meet a financial obligation. The national currency is legal tender in practically every country. A creditor is obligated to accept legal tender toward repayment of a debt.

Is the concept of legal tender recog­nised under Fijian laws?

If so I believe I am entitled to board a bus, offer the driver legal tender i.e. Fi­jian notes or coins, corresponding to the required fare, and the bus driver cannot refuse this form of payment and is ob­ligated to allow me to travel to my des­tination.

Bus drivers are already facing the brunt of the introduction of the e-Tick­eting system.

As a result I do not wish to further com­plicate their work, and delay other pas­sengers boarding buses and reaching their destinations, by my debating this issue every time I board a bus. I would therefore request that the authorities clarify this issue.

Unless and until I am provided with evidence to the contrary I will assume that the concept of Legal Tender applies in Fiji and as such I am entitled to use cash rather than an e-Ticket when trav­elling by bus.


Pollution by fire crackers

Dewan Chand, Suva

Deepawali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is just around the corner and it seems that the fire cracker rules for some people have been relaxed.

Every night there is incessant noise of fire crackers in the Namadi Heights area. It disturbs the peace by causing noise pollution and air pollution. And I am deeply disturbed by this.

Next month COP23 will be held under the Presidency of our respected Prime Minister Vorege Bainimarama.

He is feverishly working along with his team to convince the world leaders that climate change is real and not a hoax as some pretend to choose.

There is ample scientific proof that human activities which produce pollu­tion are the primary cause of climate change.

As a show of support to our COP23 team can we not stop polluting our en­vironment by the use of fire crackers?

Fire crackers are essentially not part of the Deepawali festival.

Therefore, I request the authorities to ban the use of fire crackers this Deep­awali.

This will enhance our national pride by supporting our Prime Minister and his COP23 delegation.


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