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Editorial: e-Ticketing deny drivers extra cash

Editorial:  e-Ticketing deny drivers extra cash
October 10
16:22 2017

Bus drivers are calling for better pay.

Bus operators are calling on drivers to adhere to the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) code of ethics.

Bus drivers are reminded to think of the public before they step out of the driver’s seat.

As the e-Transport initiative came in, bus drivers are finding it hard to earn a decent living. They no longer have the opportunity to take a certain amount of ‘extra cash’ home.

For most companies, the drivers are given a target to meet and they are allowed to take the rest of their day’s earnings, for others it was simply knowing how much their boss would be expecting from a day’s earning.

In the last two months, more than a hundred bus drivers from the Central Division joined the Transport Workers Union in a bid to have their employers increase their weekly salary.

Despite being informed that this has nothing to do with e-Ticketing, drivers are saying it all has to do with them not being able to earn what they use to before.

The Attorney-General and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has stated that he was informed that drivers have resigned due to having low income because of the recent e-Transport system.

Bus operators need to relook at the salary of their drivers, if they want the drivers to stay on and serve the public.

However, the Bus Operators are calling on Government to monitor the use of the blue e-ticket cards.

A very concerned bus operator said that parents have been seen using the card and it was not right.

Why are parents using the blue cards? Why fall to such a level where you abuse the system without considering that there could actually be others who are more in need of the card.

The e-Transport system just started and the general public, all PSV drivers and bus operators must work together if we have to see the system working for the good of the nation and the modernisation of Fiji.



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