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Letters To The Editor, 12th October 2017

Letters To The Editor, 12th October 2017
October 12
09:03 2017

A-G shows way

Sovaia Pace, 

Well done to the people who implemented e-Transport.

Now that we know of all the things the bus drivers have been missing out in Fiji, it just amazes me that nobody complained before.

Good on you Attorney-General.

Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative and for opening the eyes of people to what was going on.

e-Ticketing shows

Parmesh Prasad,


How could the bus drivers be okay with paltry to no contribution to their Fiji National Provident Fund?

This is outrageous.

Just imagine if e-Ticketing had not been introduced, this practice would have continued.

What are the naysayers saying now?

No class people

Geeta Pillay,


Did I read it correctly?

So, the people who were busy protesting Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s United States visit joined him for the Party celebrating our Independence Day.

PM said it right, classless indeed.

FIFA World Cup qualifier

Wise Muavono, 


Iceland has become the smallest nation to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

A nation with almost two thirds less than Fiji’s population.

Its sad how our local football followers are content with Fiji Fact, BOG and the IDC.

FijiFirst legacy

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, 

Standing in line to register for my e-Ticketing card at MHCC, Suva on Monday; my negative thoughts about our new cashless bus ride system seemed to disappear and being replaced by a sense of pride at this mammoth leap Fiji has taken.

The word “legacy” popped into my mind as that was the word stressed at the funeral of the late Timaima Molinitoga (71), also known as Nau Tima last Friday.

The current FijiFirst Government and our Prime Minister will have the legacy of introducing this new e-ticketing card system on our buses before moving into all modes of public transport.

Our PM and his Government wanted all Fiji citizens to be called Fijians and this is another legacy that will follow him.

In his dream for Fiji to become a smart nation; we currently have free education up to secondary school and other goodies attached with it.

Come to think of it, we Fijians should be proud that this move in e-ticketing shows that despite being just a small nation with less than a million in population, we are a smart nation, in line with technology and other advanced nations.

In the 70’s, I watched the film “The Bridge Over River Kwai” in our dining hall at QVS and I remember the part where the leader of the British prisoners of war, challenging his soldiers to show the Japanese their legacy, in the quality and strength of what is built by the British.

Similarly, we Fijians are a smart nation, claiming to be the way the world should be.

Let us unite and show the world that e-Ticketing is just the beginning of a new dawn for our beloved nation.

Inhumane Treatment of staff

Kirti Patel , 

Staff are the reason any workforce functions.

Some staff in some retail outlet work long hour and work hard.

God knows what their situations are in their homes.

If they have problems these staff would expect to have a good day at their workplace.

Their day becomes a disaster when things do not go well.

It can be upsetting when the boss comes directly in front and yells on top of his or her voice.

Worse still, this happens when other staff and customers are listening.

It can really destroy a person’s day.

Just recently a work colleague went to a shop to buy something when she was caught off-guard because a boss was yelling at the staff in the shop near the counter.

He was arrogant.

My colleague said the boss was yelling at the staff ” you have nothing to lose, you will still get your pay.

“It is us directors who will be on the losing side.”

Now can someone imagine what words like these can do to the morale of the staff.

Staff are also humans and they deserve  respect and dignity.

Every staff makes mistakes as they are only human but it’s inhumane to shout at them, not considering others around the place.

He thinks he is a director and can shame any staff because he is paying them.

I hope some retail company directors can show some empathy towards their staff.

Flu Shots

Taitusi Sokiveta , 
Phoniex Arizona, USA

With the flu season starting here in the United States in October and the whole winter months are considered flu season, everyone in the United States is required to get a flu shot especially the young kids and the senior citizens who are most vulnerable to catching the flu.

Also senior citizens got pneumonia shots last week and I got my flu shot two years ago and I get a pneumonia shot every year. Senior citizens and young kids get flu shots at the beginning of flu season.

If they don’t get flu shots they can become very sick.

When seniors don’t take flu shots they can die from the flu.

It should be a requirement for all Fiji citizens to get the flu shot once a year and all senior citizens of Fiji must not only get flu shots but pneumonia shots as well.

I remember growing up in Fiji when I got the flu, I got sick like a dog and it took me around two weeks to get better.

In 1974 I caught dengue fever and when I stood up I fell down.

I got stuck in the late Ro Tevita Logavatu’s house and Ela Volavola Logavatu for a whole week.

Then after a week I was able to catch the bus and go to Bau Island.

I thought I was going to die after receiving my yearly flu shot and pneumonia shot.

I never had that flu devastating sickness anymore.

We all must get these flu shots to prepare us for the flu.



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