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Murder Trial:Witness Fails To Identify Accused

Murder Trial:Witness Fails To Identify Accused
Murder accused, Mohammed Yasin (left) outside Suva High Court on October 12, 2017. Photo: Vilimoni Vaganalau
October 13
19:36 2017

A witness in a Ba murder trial said yesterday that he did not know the accused.

The accused, Mohammed Yasin, 57, is charged with the murder of his wife Maimun Nisha, 47.

He allegedly stabbed her at Vadravadra Village on November 16, 2014.

Prosecution witness Malakai Saba appeared before Suva High Court judge, Justice Temo, yesterday and was asked if he knew the accused.

Saba responded he did not.

Justice Temo told State Prosecutor Luisa Latu to get the witness to state whether he recognised the accused.

Defence lawyer Vasemaca Narara objected to it.

Ms Narara said the witness had already made known to the Court that he did not know the accused and it would be prejudicial to her client if the witness was made to identify the accused regardless.

Ms Narara said it was prejudicial because the accused was the only person sitting in the accused box.

Justice Temo allowed Ms Narara’s objection after State Prosecution informed the court that they would instead rely on circumstantial evidence and identification of the accused by other State witnesses.

Third witness Manasa Ratu revealed in evidence that he heard yelling from the neighbour’s house belonging to the accused’s sister Jaibul Nisha and saw someone running out.

Mr Ratu quickly moved towards the neighbour’s house and saw the accused run out and hide something under a settee which was placed in the front porch.

A few minutes later, he saw the accused’s brother Mohammed Iqbal Harrif chasing after the accused.

Mr Ratu relayed what he saw next was the house girl Asenaca Nabutu enter into Nisha’s house and came out screaming for help.

At that point Mr Ratu entered the house and went into the room where he saw the victim lying in a pool of blood on the bedroom floor.

He saw that the victim had injuries on her right hand and a stab wound on the left side of her neck which was oozing out blood.

After 15 minutes a car belonging to a neighbouring shop owner arrived to take the lady to the hospital.

Mr Ratu said while they were trying to load the woman’s body into the car the accused charged at her in an attempt to stab her with a knife.

Immediately Mr Ratu and another man grabbed the accused by the collar and held him down and removed the knife from his hand, the court was told.

The trial continues today.

Edited by Mohammed Ali



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