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The ACTOR Continues His ACT!

The ACTOR Continues His ACT!
The second letter or alphabet of the word ACTOR is ‘C’ and it represents the word and quality known as ‘COMMUNICATION’ and is extremely vital for any professional to develop it as a powerful skill towards helping him or her accomplish the highest realms of professional success! Photo: Simione Haravanua
March 10
10:00 2018

In the previous column we had focused upon Attitude and its three important aspects namely, Assertiveness, being Adaptable and developing an Aspirational approach!

In this column I wish to concentrate on the second letter of this word, ACTOR.

The second letter or alphabet of the word ACTOR is ‘C’ and it represents the word and quality known as ‘COMMUNICATION’ and is extremely vital for any professional to develop it as a powerful skill towards helping him or her accomplish the highest realms of professional success!

I remember one occasion where I was unable to speak properly and confidently to my boss about a project I had completed.

This was a project related to a product launch and I was given the task of finding out the best way to launch the product and the most appropriate time to launch it.



However, when the time arrived to present to my boss and some other seniors about my findings I started getting very nervous and this nervousness along with anxiety made me deliver my presentation very poorly.

My voice was low toned, my body language was not very positive, my eye contact was mostly to the foreground or to the floor.

Due to this I did not feel that I had positively impacted my audience.

My boss later called me to his cabin and told me to work on my presentation skills and my overall communication.

He said that despite my sincere and focused work on the project he and his other colleagues were unable to clearly comprehend and understand the various points I was presenting to them.

“Mayur, you spoke a lot and showed a lot of power point slides however the manner or way in which you were standing and speaking to us made us lose our interest in your presentation.

“Even during meetings you don’t speak confidently and due to this your views are not taken very seriously.

“You must work hard on your communication and presentation skills and ensure that in your next presentation next month there must be some visible improvement.”

He told me in a firm tone.

It was only after my boss opened my eyes (metaphorically speaking) I realised how important it is to have strong and positive communication.


Positive communication

I clearly understood that along with my hard and sincere work on the project I also needed to present and communicate about it in the best possible way.

From then onwards I started observing my own boss and some other senior colleagues in the way they would communicate.

My boss had a very positive way or style in the way he would present to his audience.

Especially impacting was his verbal modulation along with eye contact. I decide to make him my role model for communication and started observing him and his ‘expressions’ keenly.

I also started standing in front of the mirror at home and speaking to myself as though I was making a very important presentation; and while doing this I would consciously use all the communication skills that I had been observing while my boss would communicate.

Within just two months I found a positive difference in the way I was speaking to my own colleagues.

Also, I noticed that because of my improvement in these skills I had become much more confident in my formal presentations to my seniors and especially to my boss.


Turning point

All this happened almost 18 years ago but I firmly believe that it was a very vital turning point in my life, especially my professional life!

For all my friends who yearn and desire to excel in their respective professional journeys I most sincerely wish that they assess and evaluate their own skills of communication and if they feel there is scope for improvement then they must immediately start developing these specific skills.

I can assure them that the development of your communication skills along with presentation skills will act as a super catalyst in your respective professional careers.



Having said this there is another aspect related to communication and this is the art and attitude of listening to others.

A good and positive communicator is he or she who not only speaks well but also ‘listens’ well!

Therefore, when in a meeting or a discussion we must listen to others apart from presenting our own points effectively.

As part of becoming a very effective and positive listener you must always carry a pen and a professional ‘diary’ with you so that you will be able to listen and while listening write or note those points which you think are either relevant or important. Listening is not only with your ears but also with the pen and a writing pad and this is because it is really not possible to store or remember each and everything in your mind.

You will need to write the important points so that you can refer to them even after the meeting is over.



Another aspect that I would like you to remember is to always ensure that the ‘Communication- LOOP’ is closed.

This means that after you have communicated your points to your listener you must seek his or her feedback in terms of whether he or she has understood your points or not.

This act of seeking feedback must be done by you in a polite, gentle, respectful and also in a diplomatic manner especially if you seeking it from your seniors.

Once the loop is closed you can be more confident about your communication becoming effective and successful.

Remember always, Communication or presentation is that critically important ‘BRIDGE’ that creates positive ‘CONNECTIVITY’ and subsequently leads to CONSTRUCTIVE ACTION!

It also helps you to express your high levels of SELF-CONFIDENCE and deep CONVICTION about your work and your beliefs as a whole!

In my next column I wish to focus upon the other relevant letters of the ACTOR! For now, I wish you the very best in your pursuit towards becoming the best and the most positively impacting ‘COMMUNICATOR’!


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