Partnership Model New Hope For Waitui Cluster

Stakeholders in the Waitui Clus­ter in Rewa have adopted in principle a model they believe will lift the standard of primary and intermediate education in their zone. The Waitui Cluster
19 Apr 2018 11:00
Partnership Model New Hope For Waitui Cluster
Asenaca Delaibatiki with children from the four schools in the cluster. Photo: Selita Bolanavanua

Stakeholders in the Waitui Clus­ter in Rewa have adopted in principle a model they believe will lift the standard of primary and intermediate education in their zone.

The Waitui Cluster Education Part­nership Model is designed to change mindset and motivate stakeholders to prioritise education and improve the standards.

The resolution came after a work­shop conducted by Nemani Delaiba­tiki and his wife Asenaca at Rewa District School on Tuesday for par­ents, students, teachers, the vanua and church.

Mr Delaibatiki, managing editor training for the Fiji Sun and retired New Zealand midwife Mrs Delai­batiki and their 11 children, have donated two shields and cash gifts to be awarded to the top students in four primary schools, Nukui Dis­trict School, Vutia District School, Rewa District School and St Joseph Naililili.

The annual awards recognise the top students in Year 6 and Year 8.

Mrs Delaibatiki, speaking on be­half of her family, said: “When we were approached to donate a shield for the top class 6 student by Alipate Senikuta the mata ni tikina Rewa and manager for Rewa District School, we gladly said yes because it is for a good cause. Anything to do with education, we will support it because we have benefitted as a fam­ily from education. This is one way of giving back to the community.

“Besides we are part of a legacy. My husband, Nemani, started his primary education at Vutia District School many years ago. He went up to class 6, passed his intermediate exam and was admitted to QVS. So that is our link that we are proud of. Like I said, we want to help.

“The inaugural award ceremony was held at Nukui District where the Year 6 shield was awarded to a local girl.

“After that Mr Senikuta approached us again if we could do the same for the top Year 8 student. We agreed.

“That’s why we are having the award ceremony today here.

“We agree that this initiative will raise the bar. We recognise that pri­mary education is the foundation to a successful future in education. That is the reason why we are in this project. If our young children are well grounded at this level they will go on to higher learning. This is the preparatory stage and sets the platform for secondary and tertiary education. In Rewa land is scarce and the area is prone to flooding and other wild weather events. So eking out a living here is not easy. Educa­tion is our only hope for a better future here. We are grateful that the provincial office and the teachers are supporting this move.”

Mr and Mrs Delaibatiki yesterday took the workshop participants on the different roles of the parents/guardians, students, teachers, vanua and church with God at the apex. All these stakeholders are equal mem­bers in this partnership model with God as the guiding light.

They agreed that secular and reli­gious education provide that holis­tic and wholesome training for their children and a much-needed balance in life.

They also hoped that this initiative would bridge the gap between the urban schools and Waitui cluster schools.

There has been a perception that only Rewans in the urban areas are successful in getting the provincial scholarship because their marks are higher.

“The Government has done its part through the free education pro­gramme,” Mrs Delaibatiki said.

“Its up to the rest of the stakehold­ers to do their part.”

Edited by Epineri Vula


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