Letters To The Editor 20/04/2018

  Garbage runners Dharmendra Kumar, Suva Garbage collectors never know what hazardous materials they may come across in the course of their duty. There are countless ways to be injured
20 Apr 2018 10:00
Letters To The Editor 20/04/2018
Intermediate Boys 1500 race during the first day of the Coca-Cola Games at ANZ Stadium on April 19, 2018. Photo: Ronald Kumar


Garbage runners

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Garbage collectors never know what hazardous materials they may come across in the course of their duty.

There are countless ways to be injured on the job and be exposed to all manner of toxic materials in the trash the gar­bage man carry and transport every day.

Dangerous materials like broken glass are a common cause of injury. Trash is often filled with rats, roaches, pests and toxic materials.

But my concern is garbage collectors jumping off moving trucks and jumping on again.

They might say they do it every day, but I strongly believe this must be stopped by the authorities because it is high risk. Why can’t the garbage trucks stop to load garbage?

Garbage collectors come across rain, heat, windy conditions and hazardous conditions. The potential for injury, in­fection and respiratory sickness is high and unavoidable in many cases.

These workers must wear proper cloth­ing, gloves, masks and heavy boots in all weather and jumping on and off trucks must stop immediately.

I hope the respective municipal coun­cils will make the necessary changes.

Smart Government

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Fiji is very fortunate to be led by the smart FijiFirst Government through its smart leaders.

In the forefront of this leadership are our Prime Minister and the Attorney-General.

We read that Government will an­nounce the 2018/2019 National Budget on June 22.

Being General Election year, Fijians should expect a national budget full of goodies that would further lift the stand­ard of living of all Fijians living below the poverty line.

Right now, those who are affected by the past three cyclones are praising the current Government and all the other bodies for their quick response and as­sistance.

Now ordinary Fijians who normally pay their electricity bills with the Fiji Electricity Authority can become its shareholders, earning dividends through its new business structure.

The $40 million meningococcal disease (Men-C) vaccination plan for more than 345,000 Fijians aged 19 years and below is another smart move.

The news that acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum handed over a compensation cheque for $75,000 to Avi­sake Lomani after a fatal motor vehicle accident on February 2, 2018, took the life of her seven-year-old son Samuela, is just mind blowing!

Fijians hope that this new precedent will apply to other families who have lost loved ones through accidents.

Our smart FijiFirst Government does not need to go through a 2018 General Election campaign because it is reach­ing out to Fijians now and meeting their needs.

It is what they are about – Fijians First.

Who needs another Government when we have one that is smart and doing an excellent job for all Fijians?

Constructive debate

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

One of the most important jobs of the Opposition is to constantly question the ruling party.

Government must remain answerable to the public at all times and a good Op­position can put the spotlight on serious issues and have them resolved quickly.

In other words Parliament is meant to be the site of incisive debates!

Instead we see politicians shouting each other down on the floor of Parlia­ment and instead of debating issues, the Opposition is going about disrupting Parliament more than anything else!

A constructive Opposition is about debating issues and not disrupting Par­liament! They should be taking this op­portunity and use the platform provided by Parliament to interrogate the Govern­ment so as to have them accountable.

We are hearing far too many unneces­sary unintelligent and mindless ques­tions.

It is indeed a chaotic situation and it should not be allowed to go on.

Please restore to Parliament great quality and high standard debates and discussions!

Coke Games

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I am not an expert in athletics and neither am I an authority in such a field, but suffice to say that the current games will illustrate school rivalry and charac­ter at its best.

We must thank the sponsor Coca-Cola Amatil for gearing its sugarless product to health benefits of children. The taste of things to come!


Sukha Singh, Labasa

Could the sponsors of the Coca-Cola Games tell us how good is the drink Coca-Cola for sports? I have read some­where that Coke or Coca-Cola can act like CRC, the rust remover.

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