Letters To The Editor, May 11th, 2018

Confidence in FijiFirst Party Simeli Bose, Lautoka As a citizen I am taking this opportunity if I may, to exercise my right of freedom of expression to give my opinion
11 May 2018 11:24
Letters To The Editor, May 11th, 2018

Confidence in FijiFirst Party

Simeli Bose, Lautoka

As a citizen I am taking this opportunity if I may, to exercise my right of freedom of expression to give my opinion on national affairs, specifically to give credit where credit is due.

In particular, I wish to commend Government for the welfare services it has and has been providing to members of the community and citizens of Fiji since they came into power.

More so, in recent weeks and during the past few days.

It can be confidently stated that Government is truly sensitive and responsive to the needs of all the affected community members in every aspect of their lives.

Be it in terms of social benefits for the aging, poor, needy, landless, in terms of bus fare top-ups, dwellings and house repairs, homeware, businesses, farms, schools, you name it.

But especially so after the spate of natural calamities, of flooding, cyclones, long spell of wet weather.

What is truly remarkable is the speed in which Government officials are responding in assessing, approving and delivering outcomes.

Very fast indeed.

In one station alone on last Saturday, 1000 applications were successfully processed. That’s a lot!

The quick turnaround time is pleasantly surprising and literally amazing. Actually breathtaking.  Indeed a breath of fresh air.

It is certainly a good example to cite for other Government departments, semi-government and state-owned commercial services providers whose decision-making processes affect the conduct of businesses and works in everyday life.

There is no question that financial institutions are conscious of the need to change, to speed up and fast-track their decision-making.

This Government is capable of doing just that. And as business people we would welcome that.

So keep up the good work.

Once again I commend and congratulate Government in achieving the scope, level and pace of the services provided.

I wish to state that my confidence, that of my family, close friends and associates in voting FijiFirst in 2014 have certainly been vindicated in the manner that they have delivered their services.

Come 2018 General Election we know who to support and who to vote for.

RKS head

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Calls have been made by two prominent letter writers in this column, Ratu Kadavulevu School students, parents and RKS Old Boys to bring back Peni Senikarawa, the suspended principal for RKS.

It just does not make sense with all the glory RKS has achieved in the past years that the school principal is being stood down for using corporal punishment to discipline a couple of students.

From all the reports that we have read, we can say that one of the main contributing factors to all RKS achievements is its discipline.

Come on Ministry of Education, do the right thing and at least allow the school heads to discipline students using the cane or belt depending on the seriousness of the offence committed, with expulsion the final option.

School counselling

Ecelini Naivadra, Suva

The latest case of a school principal alleged to have administered corporal punishment once again highlights the dire need for more professionally qualified counsellors not only in schools but in all areas where social problems need to be addressed.

The provision of fast-tracking the training of counsellors should definitely be included in  the next National Budget.

Cold season

Wise Muavonoa,  Lautoka

It would be great to know the temperatures during the cold season over the plast 20 to 30 years compared to the present day.

Is it getting colder because of the drop in temperature because of Climate Change or are we just feeling colder as we get older?


Amenatave Yaconisau, Lami

As we approach the 2018 General Election 2018, suffice to say that electoral success depends on economic expectations especially after the major tropical cyclones

What did we do for rehabilitation?

The connection between private economic expectation and voters’ choice is manifesting itself in population voter potential. Further, economic deterioration is a no! no!

Someone help!

Super Rugby for Fiji

Tomasi Boginiso,  Nasinu

With the South African teams’ interest to Europe Rugby, who will be left standing for the Super Ruby competitions?

I believe this is the opportunity we were expecting as well as our beloved Fiji Airways Flying Fijians team, Samoa and Tonga.

I believe the idea of Super Rugby was to get nations nearby to compete against each other.

Geographically, we are the neighbours to the Trans Tasman rivals, Australia and New Zealand, but they have selected South Africa, Japan and Argentina to be part of the tourney.

Imagine the number of hours travelling back and forth compared to the distance between Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

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