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Methodist women’s fellowship turns 70 this year

Methodist women’s fellowship turns 70 this year
Kalabu Women Choir group during Methodist Church Festival of Praise chior competition at Furnival Park in Toorak, Suva on August 15, 2017. Photo: Ronald Kumar.
May 11
13:18 2018

Women play a fundamental role in churches and society.

This was the words of the Wom­en’s Department led by Deaconess Salanieta Naucabalavu.

Deaconess Sala has been the sec­retary since 2010 and this is her eighth year as secretary and pledg­es to accept the call to Christian womanhood and promise by God’s help to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

The office was built in 1978 the Department of Women’s Fellow­ship is situated at Lot 1 Edenville, Toorak in Suva.

The Women’s Fellowship in Fiji has turned 70 this year, she said the church have planned to put into action their motto, to know Christ and to make Him known.

“There will be a different pro­gramme from the past years and so we will run our 2 – days Open Air Evangelistic programme (out of the church),” she said.

“The reason being, that there is a hope in us that many more people will listen to the WORD and there would be an opportunity for them to be healed by it or be released from some bondages of life that are chaining them to the devil or to sin. The women will need to or­ganise themselves in doing this as a church, circuit or division

“The themes for the 2 days’ Evan­gelism nights open to change and a sermon for Sunday. The dramas or skits and the programmes for the 2 days and Sunday are given to each fellowship to organise,” she said.

She believes and emphasizes the importance of prayer.

“To encourage women’s participa­tion in all areas of spiritual, social, traditionaland cultural, economic and political development includ­ing decision-making process and leadership roles of the church and the community,” she said.

“If we pray alone and hard enough, we can overcome the prob­lems. Problems such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, sexual violence during conflict and harmful customary or traditional practices such as female genital mutilation, forced marriages and honor crimes. All of these come under Gender Based Violence,” she said.

She said there has been misin­terpretation of scripture, the word of God needs to be preached and taught correctly.

“Gender Equality reflects in the bible in the book Paul to the Ga­latians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

“Also poverty and unemployment, lack of training of Family Life for husband and wife, pre-marital­counselling and issues of being side-lined, understanding of par­ents must always be the case.

“It should not be a TABOO conver­sation because children as young as seven months old are being raped by the very people who should be protecting them, love and support women and children in the church.

“Together we can make differ­ence.”

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