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False Claims Rise As Thousands Queue Up For Assistance Under CARE For Fiji Scheme

False Claims Rise As Thousands Queue Up For Assistance Under CARE For Fiji Scheme
May 21
11:00 2018

This is an edited version of Nemani Delai­batiki’s My Say in the 4 The Record FBC TV programme last night.


Never in the history of this country has assistance been given out to victims of natural disasters as the FijiFirst Government has done for those who suffered in the recent floods and cy­clones.

The Government has relied on the hones­ty and integrity of people in determining their eligibility for assistance.

In the midst of the mad rush to access this help comes allegations that among the thousands of those who crowded pro­cessing centres were those who were not affected.

If these claims were true, it is really sad.

They have defied warnings against sub­mitting false claims or dishonest applica­tions.

Investigations are being conducted to verify these allegations.

People must be reminded that cheating, lying in the form of false claims or appli­cations is a crime and serious offence.

They will be prosecuted when caught.

It is morally wrong and it is not worth it.

The evil practice denies others who genu­inely need help access to assistance.

It misleads others that it is okay to do it because it is easy money.

Easy money obtained this way is not good money because the offenders are stealing, in this case, from Government.

While it may be easy to abuse the Govern­ment’s trust and compassion, it has far reaching consequences on personal and character development and the ability of Government to reach those who genuinely need help.

When a person learns cheating is the easy way to access help or money it can become addictive until one day they get caught.

We do not have to go far to see examples of this.

Look at the numerous cases that come be­fore the courts – cases of dishonesty, abuse of office, bribery and corruption.

These are all acts of selfishness and pride.

They all had a beginning, Small and seemingly innocuous beginning – a false claim from a person who badly wants a new couch, bed or television monitor. Just because that person hears it from friends that it is okay to do it as no one will find out.

Remember God is watching and what goes around comes around.

This is what happens to first offenders. They easily get sucked in easily by the lure of others who have done it and have not been caught yet.

Remember it is better not to have it then acquire it and pay a heavy price.

Again; I repeat it is not worth it. A clear conscience is better than a troubled one.

You will sleep well at night and be happy the next day.

We say we are a deeply religious country. We all believe in a God that is the God of the universe. We know that he has given us commandments. One of them is against lies and dishonesty.

When we lie and conduct dishonest prac­tices we get pinged from two laws, the law of the land and the law of God.

On both accounts, we face the conse­quences.

There is no escape. It is important to note that we are in control. We can say no when we are tempted to cheat. It is sad that’s some people have surrendered their con­trol to the Devil who is the master of all things evil and works in opposition to God.

When we allegedly break the law of the land we can be charged and taken to court: we can be convicted, sent to jail or fined. No one wants to end up in court.

But that’s the reality that faces us all. On the side of the coin sits God’s law.

When we break God’s law we suffer a slow spiritual decay and eventually death un­less we repent.

In this state of mind and spirit we lose the spirit of discernment.

The line that separates good and evil is blurred. And when this happens it is very easy to do the wrong thing. There is no conscience.

So if you are at this very moment think­ing of beating the system for short-term gain and happiness please stop.

You will be held accountable.

Fiji will be fun place to live in when we practice honesty and integrity in our lives.

Edited by Epineri Vula


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