Letters To The Editor, 22th May 2018

Not intimidated by Rabuka Ashwin Raj, Director Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission Sitiveni Rabuka’s feeble attempt to impugn and harass me on social media or speak­ing out against his
22 May 2018 11:02

Not intimidated by Rabuka

Ashwin Raj, Director Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission

Sitiveni Rabuka’s feeble attempt to impugn and harass me on social media or speak­ing out against his legacy of institutional­ised racism by tagging his cronies, some of whom are notorious for propagating hate speech, will not stop me from speaking out against racism.

This is a man who is promising unfettered human rights and freedoms should he get elected into power, but two decades later continues to struggle with the idea that all in Fiji regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity can enjoy common and equal citi­zenry and can proudly call themselves Fiji­ans.

This is a man who still struggles to tell the truth to the people of Fiji about who his ac­complices were in 1987, brags about the 1997 Constitution that promised equality while in reality divided people on the basis of their race and ethnicity and here he is occu­pying an indomitable moral plateau seeking accountability and transparency.

Reform needs

Jovilisi Waqa, Suva

Once again I want to thank the FijiFirst Government for having the will to reform the civil service. I have been seeing a lot of improvement in service delivery across the Government.

Having said that, it is obvious from the atti­tude of some within civil service that there is still resistance to the reform. It is very important that respective Ministries have right people who are trained in the right field.

It is apparent that previously training op­portunities were not provided systemati­cally which left people were given training opportunities in fields not at all relevant to their field of work.

What a waste of good training opportuni­ties. This could be the next thing the Civil Service Reform Unit and the line Minister could look into.

Jail space

Donald Singh, Lautoka

I wonder loudly if there’s enough space in jail for the tens of thousands of people who apparently received their cards through de­ceit and emptied hardware and homeware stores almost Fiji-wide.

Multiple individuals from single house­holds, undeserving and unaffected house­holds and the opportunists all must be brought before the law.

If they can blatantly lie and steal taxpay­ers’ money, they definitely cannot pay the $20,000 fines.

Jails are already full to the brim.

It pains me looking at the crowds (Shirley Park cannot be described in words), some driving expensive vehicles to the venue.

One guy actually parked his Corolla in a parking lot with more than half the car still on the driving lane (he got off and actually ran to the queues), as I walked past during a morning fat burning project.

The times are not desperate as politicians are putting it to get votes.

The people have lost all shame. That’s it.

They say the “honest” ones returned their cards! Honest? Why then did they get it in the first place?

I would like to see if the people actually get punished.

While special events are unfolding this year the world over, our people are grossly involved in daylight robbery.

FLP claims

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi

Lavenia Padarath’s claims of indignity relevant to the Homes CARE cyclone assis­tance is childish, ungrateful and uncalled for.

This is an initiative by the FijiFirst Gov­ernment and not that of the Fiji Labour Par­ty, realistically speaking, and patience is all we ask for, but she should not politicise the issue out of context for her political gain.

I personally believe she should be talking to these Fijians and encouraging them not to abuse these well-intended programmes meant for those affected by the cyclones and floods and not those who just want to take advantage of the situation.

Government should be applauded and praised for the caring initiatives to all Fiji­ans indiscriminately.


Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

As a source of inaccuracies and lopsided view of our society and having difficulty dif­ferentiating fact and fiction a media outlet is carrying on regardless.

Although it wants to have a dominating treatment of our news, The Fiji Sun com­paratively is having a wider mass circula­tion.

Tebara complex

Dr. Joel Trazo, Chadwick Rd, Nasinu

When it was completed we in Nakasi were so proud of the new Tebara Complex.

But in so short a time it lost its beauty be­cause of the proliferation of illegal struc­tures.

I hope we can regain the pride of Nakasi.

Royal wedding

Pramesh Sharma, Suva

$45mil Sterling plus plus plus!

This money could have been spent better tackling the world’s poverty problems.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan, now Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Please make it work for the sake of the in­vestment made by the people for this glam­orous event!

Police patrol

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

Allow me to acknowledge the high visibil­ity presence of three police officers on mo­torcycles along the Denarau bypass close to the Enamanu junction around lunch hour on Monday, May 21.

I have a big kerekere (request) please.

It would be gratefully appreciated if this same presence is felt along the Martintar section of the Queens Road.

Any assistance, when practically possible, by the same Police officers, will be recog­nised because this highly-populated “non-highway” stretch is being used for sprints by enthusiastic younger exuberant motor­ists who see it fit to show off with little or no regard to other road users.

Thank you

Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka

Thank you Fiji Roads Authority for fixing the street lights along Drasa Avenue road from Balawa junction to the hospital round­about.

Now I won’t trip while walking/jogging be­cause I can see where it’s uneven because of cracked footpaths. Sa malo (Thank you)!

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