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ANALYSIS: First Came The Muslims And Itaukei Land, And Now Fake Accounts Focus On ‘Indians

ANALYSIS: First Came The Muslims And Itaukei Land, And Now Fake Accounts Focus On ‘Indians
June 01
10:52 2018

There has been a decrease in hate towards the Muslim community on social media. There is a decrease in misinfor­mation regarding iTaukei land as well.

Why? Not because people have come to their senses. No. It is be­cause their warped theories sur­rounding Muslims in Fiji have been discredited. Their lies about the security of iTaukei land has been exposed.

So, what do the fake accounts do next? They strike on another is­sue – this time, asking Government where Ministry of ‘Indian’ Affairs is. Why ‘Indian’ Affairs? India is already a country of 1.3 billion people and they can very well look after their own citizens.

If they are talking about the In­do-Fijian community, this new as­sault is done because some polls have shown that more than 90 per cent of people from the Indo-Fijian community prefer Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama as the next Prime Minister of Fiji.

This poll, which certain people will not want to run down, has shown that Mr Bainimarama is very popular with the Indo-Fijian community and that their support is still with him.

What is making rounds now? That ‘Indians’ are second-class citizens in Fiji because of their inability to own land. Why they continue to talk about Indians is beyond anyone’s understanding but that is another political strategy, it seems.

Yes, after 48 years of independ­ence, some people who are not brave enough, are hiding behind fake profiles, wanting to stir hatred and instill fear.

The fake accounts claim that there is nothing in the 2013 Con­stitution which protects those who are leasing the iTaukei land. This is absolute nonsense.

There is an entire section dedicat­ed to land tenants or people leasing the land.

Section 29 of the 2013 Constitu­tion states:

Protection of ownership and inter­ests in land:

29.—(1) All ownership of land, and all rights and interests in land leas­es and land tenancies that existed immediately before the commence­ment of this Constitution shall con­tinue to exist under this Constitu­tion.

(2) No law shall be made to dimin­ish or adversely affect the rights and interests in land leases and land ten­ancies, whether existing immediate­ly before the commencement of this Constitution or made or issued after the commencement of this Constitu­tion.

22 (3) All land lessees and land ten­ants have the right not to have their land leases or land tenancies termi­nated other than in accordance with their land leases or land tenancies.

(4) Parliament and Cabinet, through legislative and other meas­ures, must ensure that all land leas­es and land tenancies provide a fair and equitable return to the land­owners whilst protecting the rights of land lessees and land tenants, including security and protection of tenure of land leases and land tenancies and terms and conditions of land leases and land tenancies which must be just, fair and reason­able.

Anyone can read and know what is going on here. The 2013 Consti­tution provides specific protection to anyone leasing iTaukei land re­gardless of their race or religion or creed.

Politics should not divide our na­tion and those who hide behind fake accounts hoping to divide this nation should be found and taken to task.

Edited by Ranoba Baoa


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