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WRONG Scripts Opposition Devoid Of Ideas, Says Sudhakar

WRONG Scripts Opposition Devoid Of Ideas, Says Sudhakar
Government MP Ashneel Sudhakar (left) with Opposition MP, Salote Radrodro outside Parliament on July 10, 2018. Photo: Ronald Kumar.
July 11
10:04 2018

Government Whip, Ashneel Sudhakar says  Opposition Members of Pariament have turned out to look like low budget Bollywood movies whose scripts have gone horribly wrong.

This is how he described the manner, in which they responded to the 2018-2019 National Budget in Parliament yesterday.

Mr Sudhakar said the problem was when the FijiFirst Government rendered assistance to people, the Opposition was fond of labelling it as freebies.

“Which clearly showed that they were confused,” he said.

“It’s like a movie where there is no coordination. The songs and dances are here and there.

“There is no action, no message and full of comedy performed by some B-grade comedians.

“This assistance doesn’t happen by magic. We do not have a magic wand, which we can just wave and make things happen.

“How are we able to sustain such programmes?

“We have achieved that through sound financial management. We are managing the economy well,” Mr Sudhakar said.

The Opposition, he added was devoid of ideas and failed to understand the basic principles of the economy.

“They claim that our debts are at critical levels and a takeover of Fiji is imminent is false. They are just misleading the people.

“In addition the FijiFirst Government does not take loans to party and merry making.

“People of Fiji, don’t get swayed by some greedy politicians, who come with a box of rations and two bottles of water in times of disaster just to get your votes. They will disappear after the elections.

“FijiFirst has done more for you and will keep doing much more for you than these unscrupulous politicians.

“FijiFirst will stay here for you,” Mr Sudhakar said.

National Federation Party leader Biman Prasad said in his response that the FijiFirst Government should spend more time on the ground in order to know the reality of life.

“The Government says that the theme of the Budget was all about family matters, let me offer an alternative I call it freebies, fear and failures. This Budget is more about political propaganda,” he said.

Social Democratic Liberal Party leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa said the Budget was aimed to lure people into giving votes in order to keep the FijiFirst Party in power.

Edited by Percy Kean


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