Letters To The Editor 12th July, 2018

Dreamers and doers Dharmendra Kumar Suva The opposition is cornered and is desperately trying to hold on to the life raft. Once again they are on a verge of a
12 Jul 2018 10:11
Letters To The Editor 12th July, 2018

Dreamers and doers

Dharmendra Kumar


The opposition is cornered and is desperately trying to hold on to the life raft. Once again they are on a verge of a budget debate knockout.

The opposition is trying its best to twist everything, including the good things and blame government on everything and it continues to back fire.

Unfortunately for them, Fiji has moved on and has no time for puny politicians’ cheap antics.

They try their best to mislead voters and it is not working because truth will always prevail.

The difference between the government and the opposition is, the opposition is a dreamer and the government is a doer. Dreamers talk and doers do.

Ask a dreamer about their dreams and they will paint a most inspiring picture.

They will talk about every aspect of what they think is possible in the future.

The doer on the other hand will forsake talk for action. That is why we see so much progress in Fiji.

Fiji has plenty of dreamers but it’s the doers that is shaping modern Fiji and will continue to do so.

Even a little progress each year adds up but we must not allow Fiji to go back to the dark days and dreamers must continue dreaming.

Party’s internal struggle

Amenatave Yaconisau


I’m worried about the unskewed distribution of power within the SODELPA Party given the stirrings and internal struggle within the two camps.

I’m sure party members were chosen on individual qualities and influence they did once.

The party shouldn’t be conspiratorial and revolutionary but concentrate on election issues.

The control of one individual is obvious.

The domination of one party isn’t the issue here but the stability of the nation. The rank and file power dispersal is concentrated and unbalanced.

Nemani Delaibatikis’s analysis of the same is relevant (Fiji Sun 10/7).

Thailand cave rescue

Ronnie Chang


Heavenly Father, in Jesus Holy name we humble ourselves to thank you for all prayers answered.

The 12 young boys and their soccer coach have since been miraculously rescued from their Thailand cave after being trapped for over two long worrying weeks.

Thank you also for all the members of the brave rescue team – no less than 90 of them. We are truly grateful.

Let us enjoy local football

Suresh Chand


When the 2018 Vodafone Premier League Competition resumes this week, four very interesting matches are scheduled to be played around the country.

The fixtures released by the Fiji Football Association will see defending champions Lautoka take on Nadi at 7.30pm on Friday in Lautoka while Ba plays Tavua at 3pm on Saturday.

In the other matches, neighbours Suva will play Rewa at Ratu Cakobau Park on Sunday while at the same time Dreketi will clash with Labasa at Subrail Park in Labasa.

After this round of the matches, I think teams take a break and prepare for the Battle of the Giants which will be held at Churchill Park in Lautoka later this month.

Before the INKK Mobile Battle of the Giants (B.O.G) action begins, the 2018 World Cup soccer champion would have been already crowned.

From next week I think the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens also commences.

Let’s enjoy all the action as and when it happens.

Melrose Cup in waiting

Suresh Chand


As we are counting down on the 7s crowning of the World Number one team or The Champion of 7s or the greatest 7s team on earth or whatever way we call it, Fiji will be firing all weapons in the armoury to get the Melrose Cup in their hands for the third time.

Other teams have been selected and all have a mixture of young and experienced players, some teams have Fijians making up the numbers and there are teams with new talents and there are teams that will spring out some surprises when the games begin.

Our team has been consistent throughout the year. The inclusion of Nakarawa, Radradra and Tuisova will not be a surprise at all but will bring more fear and uncertainty to all other teams.

Tuisova and Nakarawa were also in the same situation at the Rio Olympic games and Radradra played in this situation year in and year out.

But let’s not forget Tuwai and the team who won five World Rugby Series titles. They have displayed some outstanding rugby throughout the year.

They will want to complete the Sevens calendar on a very high note.

This is believed to be the best prepared team for a World Cup sevens not putting aside the last two victorious teams but the amount of time, effort and set up for this team is just phenomenal.

We have been there and done that, like when Serevi led his team in the 2005 World Cup 7s, there were lots of criticism, but they kept on focusing on what they were sent to do.

It was an awesome display of rugby also. With the likes of Delasau, Bobo,Ryder and the man himself Waisale Serevi.

But what our team in San Francisco requires the most is our prayers and support, bring out all the old expression that might motivate the team it will be the moment we have been waiting for.

Come on Fiji. GO FIJI GO! God bless Fiji.

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