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Delaibatiki’s Say: God in the Constitution

Delaibatiki’s Say: God in the Constitution
In the Holy Bible it says “be therefore perfect as I am” That should be our ultimate goal.
July 16
14:28 2018
  • This is an edited version of Nemani Delaibatiki’s My Say for the FBC TV programme ‘4 The Record’ last night.

The topic of God taking centre stage in the affairs of the nation does not mean it must be written on a piece of paper or on a document like a preamble to the 2013 Constitution.

God should be written in our hearts, in our thoughts, in the way we act and speak.

Then it becomes meaningful.

We can talk about God, have it written in our constitution, but if we fail to live to God’s standards then we are hypocrites.

We cannot fool God and the people, but ourselves.

In the various holy books that we use as the standard bearers of truth and everything good they clearly outline God’s expectations of us.

In the Holy Bible it says “be therefore perfect as I am” That should be our ultimate goal.

He gives us that challenge because he knows each and every one of us.

We are all his spiritual children and he loves us all. He does not discriminate because he operates on the principles of equality – that we are all equal before him irrespective of our backgrounds and choices.

Sometimes we make the wrong choices, but he still loves us.

One thing we must remember is that we are responsible for our choices. Every choice we make has a consequence. We cannot avoid the consequences of our choices.

That’s an eternal law. That’s God’s justice.

God’s mercy cannot rob justice. Justice must happen before his mercy can kick in.

When we talk about being saved by his grace it means we can access that blessing provided we repent of our sins and change.

Jesus Christ refers to this process as being born again or a complete change of heart.

On perfection, it would be difficult to attain it in this life. Jesus Christ was sinless when he lived on this earth.

But he gained perfection after he made the ultimate sacrifice when he took on the sins of all mankind and died for everyone, those who have been born and others who are yet to be born.

In our secular State we are free to practise our religion as long as we don’t impose it on others or engage in activities that breach the law.

This is a sacred privilege that we should defend and treasure because it is in harmony with divine law.

Every person born is endowed with talents and special gifts.

Of all these gifts, the most precious are the light of Christ and freedom to choose.

The light of Christ or his spirit helps us to choose right from wrong and to be able to walk by faith believing in a living God.

Freedom of choice underpins God’s law otherwise he would cease to be God.

It is fundamental to his plan of Salvation for all people. Under a secular state, even the rights of atheists are respected.

Ultimately we are all accountable for our choices.

So it does not really matter whether we put the name of God in the preamble of the constitution or not.

It comes down to our individual choices and actions.

It’s about how we live our lives – how we live God’s laws and commandments.

God is the source of all good things.

When we choose right or good the outcome will be positive. When we choose wrong or bad the outcome will be negative.

We cannot blame our destiny on whether God is written in the Constitution or not.

Edited by Epineri Vula


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