Letters To The Editor, 23rd July, 2018

Shiri Chand ‘Mushroom’ Taitusi Sokiveta, Arizona, USA Congratulations to Shiri Chand Mushroom! For at the age of 67, he is still  running long distance. He brings back memories. Many of
23 Jul 2018 14:25
Letters To The Editor, 23rd July, 2018
From left: Shiri Chand ‘Mushroom’ with Island Chill Suva Marathon media officer Josephine Prasad on July 21, 2018. Photo: Suva Marathon

Shiri Chand ‘Mushroom’

Taitusi Sokiveta, Arizona, USA

Congratulations to Shiri Chand Mushroom!

For at the age of 67, he is still  running long distance. He brings back memories.

Many of whom he ran with have passed on. In 1970, I ran in the  4×400 metres in the Suva Zone Fiji Inter-Secondary Schools Athletics meets at Buckhurst Park, representing Saraswati College. We came fourth.

On Saturdays, we had athletics meets at Buckhurst Park and that’s the first time I saw Shiri Chand ‘Mushroom’. He was always running the long distance events and was very dedicated to the 5000 and 10,000 metres events back then.

It was Kalivate Raciri Uto, the running mate of Usaia Sotutu, and Samu Yavala of Lautoka dominating the 400 metres, Torika Varo of Nadi Women’s in the 100 and 200 metres, Bula Tora in the long jump event, while Eliki Nukutabu was the Fiji Secondary Schools Champion in the 100 and 200 metres and the first high school student to clock 11 seconds in the 100 metres.

Between 1968 and 1970 Phillip Blake of Suva Grammar School dominated the 800 metres and was the Fiji Secondary School champion in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Shiri Chand ‘Mushroom’ was always at Buckhurst Park every Saturday running the 5000 metres  or the 10,000 metres events.

Even if only two or three runners turned up for the long distance events Shri Chand ‘Mushroom’ would still run. Sometimes he ran by himself. That’s how dedicated he was to the long distance events.

Fiji will always be proud of you, Mr Shiri Chand ‘Mushroom’ for all your dedication to long distance running and winning all those medals for Fiji.

You are a wonderful example to all the youths of Fiji.



Variable rates

Dorsami Naidu, Nadi

There is in place, especially in the tourism industry, different rates for foreign passport holders and Fijian passport holders and the price difference is quite exorbitant.

The main areas are accommodation and cruise or sea transport.

I wonder if this is fair and legal.

No wonder taxi drivers are seeking different rates to and from hotels.

Can the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) or the Consumer Council enlighten us?


X for Tanivula

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi


Fiji Sun veteran journalist Leone Cabenatabua (dated 22 July on page 38) is absolutely correct in saying that Iliesa Tanivula should exit as Fijiana 7s coach after another disastrous outing at the 7s Rugby World Cup in San Francisco.

It was shameful and disappointing to watch their unco-ordinated playing techniques while failing to go past the pool games and losing to Spain and Japan respectively.

Tanivula has been for a long time part of the furniture at the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) House.

He failed badly where he gave many false promises to the Fijian public every time before the girls departed for any tournament.

Fijiana has never won any tournament ever since Tanivula took over the coaching reigns some five years ago and that is a long time.

FRU has given him and facilitated all his demands as a coach. He has enjoyed travelling around the world as coach, but has delivered absolutely nothing to justify his position.

I have written in the past on this issue and I would again like to ask the FRU board chairperson, Francis Kean, to politely show my Kai Vata from Nadi the door because there is nothing else for him to prove.


Access information

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

How can we boast about access to information when the Bureau of Statistics is told not to release ethnicity data (FS 22/7)?

People have different social problems.



Bed bugs

Shariff Shah,  Savusavu

A hotel here in Suva is full of bed bugs.

The owners and staff know it all too well. But they are still open for business. I was one of the many victims. Any compensation for me?

Can the authorities urgently look into this and take action please?

I had to throw away my clothes, including my bag.

The same afternoon I had to throw away all that I was wearing.

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